Skar Audio ZVX-8 Subwoofer Review

8-inch subwoofers are the ideal choice for people looking to upgrade their car’s stock stereo system. They’re great and versatile. They can also be installed pretty much anywhere and don’t take a lot of power, so you don’t have to worry much about taxing your car’s battery system too much.

But that’s just the thing, they’re not all that powerful.

Well, most aren’t, anyway.

The Skar Audio ZVX-8 subwoofer is unlike most other 8-inch subwoofers.

Designed to handle everything a car enthusiast will want to throw at it with ease, the Skar Audio ZVX-8 is built to sound big without the large size. The conservative 900 Watts RMS power-rating means that this still won’t put too much of a burden on your car’s audio system. Yet, at the same time, its small and compact size means that you can use multiple instances of it for competition use, although a single one should suffice for your everyday set-up.

With advanced cooling properties, including a competition-grade voice coil that can handle high temperatures, that allow it to maintain its performance at peak power ratings, the Skar Audio ZXV-8 is a Goliath of a subwoofer in David’s size. 

What Makes the Skar Audio ZVX-8 So Good?

900 Watts RMS Power

With a 900-watt RMS power rating (and a 1,100-watt peak power rating), this small 8-inch subwoofer is capable of handling a lot of power continuously, and not just in short bursts. This gives it the ability to produce heart-thumping sound without needing more amplifiers.

This RMS power rating also makes the Skar Audio ZVX-8 ideal for use in rooms, as well as parties. 

SKAR Audio ZVX 8 Inch Subwoofer

High-Temperature Voice Coil

The 2-5-inch high-temperature voice coil comes with a 2-ohm impedance rating that allows the Skar Audio ZVX-8 to maintain peak performance despite reaching high temperatures.


SPL-graded subwoofers are built for power and competitions. They can do things that other regular subwoofers can’t, especially as far as volume and vibration go. Because the Skar Audio ZVX-8 is an SPL-graded subwoofer, it’s perfect for car competitions and sound-offs, as well as for everyday use by bassheads

High-Quality Construction

The Skar Audio ZVX-8 uses a competition-grade paper cone for powerful and responsive bass, while also surrounding it with a high roll foam to give it some much-needed flexibility and durability.


  • The 8-inch body makes it versatile enough to fit inside just about any car.
  • The cooling system balances the temperature and keeps it low, especially when driven hard or used for a long time.
  • Triple stack ferrite motor helps deliver powerful and loud bass. 
  • Chrome backplate finish gives the ZVX-8 a nice balance of durability and aesthetic appeal.


  • The bass can get too powerful at times. This can affect the sound quality, especially in high frequencies. 
  • Because it’s an SPL subwoofer, its sound quality suffers compared to other similarly-priced subwoofers. Although the bass is good and powerful, the ZVX-8 lacks the detail of other subwoofers.


They say that big things come in small packages, and the ZVX-8 is proof of that.

In terms of construction, you really can’t say that Skar Audio is short-changing you with the Skar Audio ZVX-8. It’s solid and it’s built well. So long as it’s properly installed, which should be no problem given its 8-inch size, the ZVX-8 will stay put and keep on dropping some bass without needing much support.

Skar Audio even solves some of the more common problems associated with smaller subwoofers.

The 900-watt RMS power rating gives the Skar Audio ZVX-8 much more headroom than your typical 8-inch subwoofer. This is especially true when you consider that it uses a 156 Oz triple stack ferrite motor for power. But at the same time, because it’s equipped with a high-temperature voice coil and an advanced cooling system, the ZVX-8 should dissipate heat quickly and efficiently enough.

Admittedly, no subwoofer is perfect. The ​Skar Audio ZVX-8 sacrifices detail for power and the bass can get a little bit too powerful at times. Not to mention, SPL-graded subwoofers aren’t for every day. This

is especially true if you prefer sharper and more nuanced sound as opposed to a loud and booming bass.

The Skar Audio ZVX-8 also tends to drain battery power rather quickly, so you’ll want to be prepared for that eventuality too.

All things considered though, the Skar Audio ZVX-8 is easily the closest that you can get to a perfect 8-inch subwoofer. If you are in the market for a good quality 8 Inch Sub, this one’s a solid choice! 

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