Single DIN vs Double DIN Headunit – What’s the Difference?

Looking for the right car stereo can be tricky (especially if you are new at this). You have to carefully examine the unit, see if it’s compatible with your car, check its features, and most importantly make sure that it fits your budget! We've said it in the past - making the wrong choice would mean a waste of time, money, and effort - and that's the absolute truth.  

It would become more difficult to choose the right car stereo perfect for your needs if you don’t have any idea with the latest car stereos in the market nowadays. Therefore, it's super important to be more knowledgeable about it.

There are two types of Car Stereos: Single and Double DIN. DIN signifies Deutsches Institut für Normung, the standards organization from Germany that has conceptualized in the past. We continue to use this standard for the car head units up to this day. These two types of stereos have set the standards for stereo systems all over the world. Before you choose which type will fit your system or satisfy you, let us learn more about Single DIN vs Double DIN.

How to know what DIN you have in your car?

Whatever car you are driving; it is already equipped with either a single DIN or Double DIN. The easiest and most convenient way to know is by measuring it. If you have a bigger-looking stereo, then more likely you have a Double DIN. However, if it looks more traditional and smaller as most older cars do, then you have a single DIN with you. More specifically, Double DIN measures 7 x 4 inches while single DIN only measures 7 x 2 inches.

Differences between the Single DIN vs Double DIN


The most obvious difference between the Single DIN vs Double DIN is their size. As aforementioned, the single DIN measures about 7 by 2 inches; on the other hand, Double DIN measures about 7 by 4 inches. So, if you are more of a minimalist and want extra space on your console, then choose the single DIN.

Single DIN vs Double DIN Headunit Measurements


Due to its larger size, the double DIN could accommodate more features than the smaller single DIN. Also, a double DIN system often comes with a touch screen, making it more appealing to tech-savvy drivers. Another significant difference in the technological aspect of these car stereos is the added features in double DIN that are not visible in single DIN systems – HD video screens, DVD players with digital display, and advanced connectivity. Double DIN also features an easy connection with your smartphones and even a camera. The more advanced ones even have a built in GPS system for those directionally challenged drivers!


Thanks to the technological advancement of double DIN systems, they are more user-friendly than the conventional single DIN. Drivers have more smart options and can easily access what they want with just a single tap of their touchscreen.


If you are more of the tech-savvy type, then you would definitely go for a double DIN. The double DIN has a digital large-screen display that makes it more appealing while single DIN only has a basic and smaller display.

Single DIN vs Double DIN Head Unit

Changing stereos

If you happen to have a single DIN stereo on your car, sadly, you cannot upgrade it to a double DIN. However, that doesn't mean you can't upgrade your stereo headunit! You can still do an upgrade and swap your old stereo with a more advanced single DIN stereo!

Usually, if you are driving the latest car models, then your car is equipped with the double DIN. You can replace your double DIN with another one that has more features and aesthetic qualities with what you have. The best part is, if you choose to get a Single DIN that you really like better than your Double DIN, you may do so! You just have to get the right bracket. Plus, if you choose to go for a single DIN, then you can also add perhaps a graphic equalizer for a more high-quality sound experience. You got options!

Which is better - Single DIN vs Double DIN Headunit?

The determining factor as to which one is better than the other will all depend on the owner, which is you. It all boils down to what you prefer and what features you like to be added to your car stereo.

It does not necessarily mean that the larger the car stereo the better the sound quality. That is not the case. Actually, the two are just quite as good as the other when it comes to sound quality.

The main distinction between the two is on their user interface, technological aspect, and the features. The choice lies solely on you.


Now that you already know what stereo system you have in your car and what differentiates single DIN vs double DIN headunits, you are by now ready to make the decision on what car stereo would fit your taste. Choosing the right stereo may be a bit daunting, but the top-notch experience it brings will be totally worth it. You just have to be well-informed and keen with the details so as not to waste your effort, time, and money. Good luck!

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