Second Skin Audio Spectrum Audio Liquid Spray Sound Deadener Review

Whether it’s car noise or road noise, any kind of noise that’s not coming out of your stereo system during your daily drive. Unfortunately, we have no choice but to deal with it. Either that or you go out and buy a newer model with better sound insulation. Or, at the very least, that’s what most people think.   

The truth is that you got a ton of options out there!  

One of the main options available today for minimizing road noise is using a sound deadening material.  

With the proper set-up and material, sound deadeners can really help eliminate all of the little noises and vibrations that your car makes when driven. However, choosing the right sound deadening material is much easier said than done. There are plenty of sound-deadening materials on the market. This makes it difficult to choose the right one, especially if you’re looking to get the most out of your hard-earned money.   

The Second Skin Audio Spectrum Audio Liquid Spray Sound Deadener claims to be one of the best out there.   

After checking this sound deadener out for ourselves, we’re beginning to see why! In this guide, we take a look at Second Skin Audio’s Spectrum Audio Liquid Spray Sound Deadener, check out the review below! 

What Makes the Second Skin Audio Spectrum Audio Liquid Spray Sound Deadener So Good? 

Universal Metal Application 

This liquid sound deadener can be applied on just about any metal surface. This is in addition to normal cars, boats, and trucks.

You can apply this sound deadener to sub-woofer boxes, HVAC ducts, as well as carts, and pretty much anywhere with a metal surface that needs to lower thermal transfer and dampen vibration.  

Just keep in mind that this sound deadener works by stopping vibrations, not by blocking or absorbing any airborne sound waves 

High Heat, Water-Based Viscoelastic 

Second Skin specifically formulated this high heat, water-based viscoelastic polymer to not just adhere to metal, but also work extensively at stopping vibrations and minimizing road noise if not completely eliminating them.   

It’s worth pointing out that this product is a polymer. It is elastic by its very nature and allows the material to resist and recover from strain due to stress.  

Multiple Methods of Application 

Unlike sound deadening mats that only have one method of application, the ​Spectrum Liquid Sound Deadener can be applied in multiple ways. You can either use a paintbrush or a roller or a spray gun with the help of an air compressor. Either of these methods should work fine.   

Ideally, you’ll want to spray at least two layers of the Spectrum sound deadener with a thickness of around 2-3mm.  

Made in the USA 

The Spectrum liquid sound deadener is a product that’s made in the US. The same applies to all of Second Skin’s products. The reason why this is worth pointing out because being made in the US signifies superior product quality and excellent craftsmanship. And that’s exactly what you should expect from Second Skin Audio’s Sound Deadening product lines! 

Second Skin Audio Spectrum Audio Liquid Spray Sound Deadener

The Liquid Spray Installation Advantage 

Most people are used to seeing sound deadening mats used. They’re great and effective, but they’re not as easy to apply. Not to mention, it takes a lot of time and effort to make sure that the sound deadening mat is able to reach the smaller nooks and crannies. On the other hand, liquid sound deadeners like the Spectrum are so much easier. Simply spray it on, and your good to go! 

Second Skin Audio Spectrum Audio Liquid Spray Sound Deadener Specifications 

  • Item Dimensions: 1 gallon = 10 sq ft @ 2mm thickness (79 mil) 
  • Thickness: 1mm per layer 
  • Thermal Range: 400-degrees Fahrenheit 
  • Made in: USA 

In addition to the specifications mentioned above, the Second Skin Audio Damplifier Pro Sound Deadening Mat also uses ZERO asphalt and is guaranteed to adhere to metal for the rest of your vehicle’s life.  


  • Odor Free and Easy to clean-up! 
  • Health and safety tested 
  • Reduces road noise as well as insulates heat 
  • Dampens vibration 


  • Prep work can be a bit time-consuming  

Where to Install Your Second Skin Sound Deadener Spray?

Where to Install Your Second Skin Audio Spectrum Spray

For tips on how to install your sound deadening material, be sure to check out Second Skin Audio!

Sound Deadening Sprays vs Sound Deadening Mats

Sound deadening spray and mats are functionally the same. Both materials serve to help minimize road noise. At the same time, most modern mats and sprays also help insulate against heat. This means that both are pretty much the same in terms of quality and finish. However, for DIYers, we do recommend sound deadening sprays – especially if you’re a beginner! It’s just so much easier to apply!   

With a liquid sound deadener, it’ll be easier for you to put sound deadening material on difficult places, including but not limited to under the fender, car, and the wheel wells.  

Regardless of which material type you choose, we do recommend stripping the car down to the metal.  

Final Thoughts 

The​ Second Skin Audio Spectrum Audio Liquid Spray Sound Deadener is not a perfect product, but it certainly comes real close to it!  

Outside of the time-consuming prep work and how potentially messy it can be to apply -- we recommend getting fabrics as far away from the material as possible -- the Spectrum is a godsend for people who are looking for a liquid sound deadener that’s easy to apply and produces high-quality results.   

Whether you’re a DIYer or you’re going to have a professional work on your car, the Spectrum Audio Liquid Spray Sound Deadener can and will make your daily drive a lot more pleasant. Enjoy your new spray, and enjoy the ride!  

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