Pioneer DEH-S4100BT Review

A name that pioneers in the industry of electronics and music is worth the trust you’d put in a device that carries its logo; Pioneer provides their customers with a large platform of choices to fit all of us.

The Pioneer DEH-S4100BT is one of the best single DIN car stereos that Pioneer has to offer, all things considered.

First things first though, the new cosmetic design of this device is meant to help you personalize your deck to match your car, your mood and personality. The multi-line LCD display on this receiver is large enough to show more data. Also, you’ll notice that the presets and track up and track down buttons are illuminated for more visual effects.

Being mentioned, Pioneer went big on this one; the Pioneer DEH-S4100BT is featured with the invented MIXTRAX technology that creates a nonstop mix of music with a range of DJ-inspired effects to keep the party going right inside of your car.

With this feature being included, you simply connect your device and let the MIXTRAX do the automatic remixing of your music easily and extra quick.

This is not all yet, the MIXTRAX being on bursts with colorful lights (over 210,000 colors are available for an endless number of color combinations to match the illumination of any vehicle) that vibes and lights up in synchronization to the beat of the music; it’s like having your own little disco. In addition to that, with this deck, you’ll get to customize the brightness of you screen and how it works with the MIXTRAX.

Another essential aspect of nowadays single DIN receivers is their Bluetooth technology for hand-free phone calls; what’s new about this stereo is that it can connect to two phones when in the car, as it allows both of them to make and receive calls and stream music.

Pioneer DEH-S4100BT Review

Other than that, the call quality on this device is enhanced so that it simulates FM reception. Also, the Pioneer DEH-S4100BT has a “guest-mode” that allows you to add and replace a third mobile device instantly to the receiver which is great for a car with different drivers or a driver with multiple devices.

Many other useful functions and choices are included in this stereo which makes it a great piece of technology for all ages and preferences; it supports MP3, WAV, and M4A, as it’ll read your favorite mix-tape CD or stream you playlist right from you smartphone be it an Iphone or an Android.

Further, if you’re an Iphone person you’ll get to use Siri Eyes Free function with a touch of a button, and that way you’ll get access to your messages, reminders, and calendar information using your voice thanks to the provided external microphone that will transmit your vocal orders to the receiver when your Iphone is connected.

Android users shouldn’t worry either; the Pioneer DEH-S4100BT will enable you to play music streaming apps and control basic functions when your smartphone is connected via the provided USB port which is also great for plugging in USB thumb drives and recharging your smartphone.

We’re not done yet, it only keeps getting better; this receiver is featured with the amazing personalized internet radio, Pandora.

This radio will give you the best sound experience once your smartphone is connected; you can use the internet connection you have and enjoy an endless list of radio stations and music, as you can control it right from your phone after you download the app and connect it to the stereo via Bluetooth if you’re using Android, or via a cable if you’re an iOS user. This actually goes for many other apps that are compatible with the App Mode on the Pioneer DEH-S4100BT.

Now last but not least, this smart piece of technology comes with a remote control to make it all the better and easier; the remote control is just perfect for when you want to let someone control the music in your car, someone you trust their taste though, that way you can drive safely without worrying about music control.



  • The Pioneer DEH-S4100BT is a Bluetooth compatible receiver so you can pick up your calls and stream music wirelessly from any Bluetooth enabled device.
  • The new cosmetic design that includes the MIXTRAX technology is a great add that helps personalize the illumination of your receiver as it adds more fun to the ride.
  • This receiver is great for both Iphone and Android users because it provides different accessibility means to fit both


  • You’re going to have to purchase a separate cable to connect your Iphone or Ipod to the receiver.

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