Pioneer DEH-80PRS Single DIN Car Stereo Review

Thinking of buying a CD receiver that accepts audio inputs from multiple sources for your home or car but don’t know where to start? Pioneer DEH-80PRS is a multifunction CD receiver that features high-end amplifiers and speakers to generate crisp and clear audio that’s soothing to the ears. It’s a highly compatible music system for modern cars and homes that supports audio from external sources such as third-party devices, radio, and Bluetooth devices.

Its user interface is neither classic nor too sophisticated. It’s just basic and allows for custom background image adjustment. It likewise has a custom illumination feature that works best in darker settings. The 3 Burr-Brown digital and analog converters let you control the high, mid, and low-frequency audio ranges to give you topnotch audio output and a comprehensive dynamic range.

Product Features and Highlights

  • Refined app mode that allows for secure connection to iPhone and iPod devices
  • 28-bit binary floating-point DSP
  • 3-way digital network
  • Audiophile-grade internal components to give the optimal sound quality
  • Built-in Bluetooth technology offering topnotch audio streaming
  • Flap-faced anti-dust design for preventing dust from entering the mechanism
  • In-Dash CD, MP3, AM/FM
  • USB receiver with remote
  • With LCD text display (Full-DOT three-line)
  • Wireless remote control included
  • CD text information display

Our Review

The Japanese, Tokyo-based digital entertainment manufacturer, Pioneer Corporation is an industry leader with its products ranked top and used by customers throughout the globe.  The company was started by Nozomu Matsumoto in 1938 as an ordinary speaker and radio repair shop. Since then, it has grown to be one of the world’s most reputed brands in the creation of high-end entertainment products. The Pioneer DEH-80PRS is one of their top-selling and widely reputed CD receivers that do more than just receive and output quality sound.

This car stereo’s superiority is highlighted by its physical design. The unit has a flap-face to help keep dust away.  Its front is detachable and has a 3-lined LCD display. With this, you’re getting an external remote control, two USB ports, AUX port, and SD card port. The system’s illumination can change to multiple brightness levels and colors.

Pioneer DEH-80PRS advanced sound receiver uses a 12 volt battery to perform its magic. The unit links to multiple smartphone apps and devices to let you discover new music and play it in superior sound quality. It’s not your ordinary CD receiver as it does and packs more than you’ve ever seen in a modern-day car stereo.

High-End System Components

All the components in this CD receiver are audiophile-grade. Here you’re getting 3 Burr-Brown 24-bit D/A converters and high-capacitance power supply capacitors that allow you to regulate the sound to the lowest or highest pitch realizable, ensuring you get a focused and clean sound.  As for the 4-layer circuit board design, it keeps internal noise under control. The unit makes use of a 28-bit binary floating-point digital signal processor that offers accurate control of the receiver’s tuning and processing.

Pioneer DEH-80PRS Single DIN Headunit

Built-In Bluetooth Functionality

Every digital kid appreciates the convenience and usability of Bluetooth functionality. The car stereo product from Pioneer gives precisely what you desire in a high-end audio receiver with a built-in Bluetooth feature.  The built-in Bluetooth functionality is customized to deliver maximum convenience and safety to let you enjoy hands-free calls and premium audio streaming. The Bluetooth functionality is compatible with most Android, iPod, and iPhone devices, so you’re limited.

Excellent Sound Controls

This car stereo has enough built-in power and allows you to adjust your sound output seamlessly with an all-inclusive 16-band EQ.  The EQ band is so versatile that it lets you set the right and left channels autonomously. Its 3-way active crossover network provides the simplicity users want when adjusting and amplifying the highs, mids, and lows.

There’s also a refined Auto Time Alignment feature that lets you adjust the stereo functions to get sweeter and more enjoyable sound quality.  Those who want can simply link the receiver to a microphone to allow them to regulate the sound equalization.

Great Compatibility

The receiver is designed to handle any digital media. Get your android or iPod device and connect it to any of the USB inputs, and the receiver’s controls will be presented for you to access your playlist and play any music of choice.  Quite interestingly, the unit offers handy searching tools such as the Alphabet Search, which lets you, find your desired album or song quickly.


  • User-Friendly Interface and Menu
  • Excellent Audio Control Functionality
  • Advanced Bluetooth Connectivity
  • 3-Way Network Functions


  • A bit expensive for a Single DIN unit


Pioneer is a real industry leader in the professional manufacturing of high-end and top-selling digital entertainment products. For more than 81 years they have been in the industry, Pioneer has never disappointed when it comes to product quality, reliability, and functionality. The item we reviewed above is just one of CD receivers made by Pioneer that delivers unmatched sound quality with the best clarity.

If you’ve been hunting for a high-end CD receiver from one of the world’s biggest manufacturers, Pioneer DEH-80PRS is a true definition of what you want.  It’s not from a reputable brand only but is also designed to offer superior functionality coupled with long-term service and unmatched customer satisfaction.

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