Pioneer AVIC W6400NEX Car Stereo Review

Finding a car stereo isn’t easy. This isn’t because a lot of them are bad. Rather, it’s because there are so many good ones on the market that it becomes difficult to find one. Although it’s a good kind of problem to have, choice paralysis can be a real problem that people often deal with – especially with car audio products!  

What we’ve found out though is that it makes it easier for most people to decide after reading reviews of a particular product. Today, we’re going to take a close look at the Pioneer AVIC W6400NEX car stereo to see if it’s worth the investment. We’ve done all the heavy lifting for you so you don’t have to! Let’s take a look.  

Pioneer AVIC W6400NEX Features and Specifications

  • DVD/CD receiver 
  • 6.2-inch WVGA Clear Resistive Touchscreen Display 
  • AM/FM Tuner 
  • Bluetooth Functionality 
  • Wired and wireless functionality with Apple CarPlay 
  • Built-in HD Radio Tuner 
  • Remote Control 

pioneer avic w6400nex
Preview Product Rating Price
Pioneer AVIC-W6400NEX DVD Receiver Pioneer AVIC-W6400NEX DVD Receiver No ratings yet $800.00

What Makes the Pioneer AVIC W6400NEX So Good? 

Wired and Wireless Functionality 

Connect your iPhone to your car via Apple CarPlay with the W6400NEX using either wired or wireless connections. In addition to this, the Wi-Fi Certified Miracast™ feature helps provide added wireless functionality for seamless multimedia content sharing between the car stereo and other compatible devices.   

With the W6400NEX, you won’t even need to take your smartphone out of your pockets! The wireless functionality is awesome.  

Ready for Dual Back-Up Camera Inputs 

Whereas other car stereos only support one back-up camera, the W6400NEX can support two.   

If you want to improve visibility on your front and your rear, you can add both a front-facing camera, as well as a rear-facing camera, and have both displays show on the W6400NEX when you want to. 

Robust Built-In Navigation Model 

The W6400NEX uses Pioneer’s industry-leading navigation model. It comes with the latest mapping technology, as well as turn-by-turn directions. Additionally, it also has an extensive Points-of-Interest database that includes everything from ATM machines to restaurants and more. Lastly, it offers reliable traffic information, as well as route guidance, so you can worry less about how you’re going to get to where you want to go. 

AppRadio Mode + 

AppRadio Mode + is an improved version of Pioneer’s well-reviewed AppRadio that is included with the W6400NEX.  

Using this feature, you can take full control of compatible apps via the car stereo so long as it’s connected to a compatible iOS and/or Android device that has the AppRadio app installed. Through this, you can access everything from maps, contacts, and the calendar, among others.  

Pioneer also made sure to format the interface specifically to be safe even driving.  

HD Radio Tuner 

The W6400NEX will save you a lot of money because you don’t need to set up more equipment or register for an account to have access to HD Radio.   

So long as there are HD Radio stations in your local area, you’ll have access to their music without having to pay anything! 

Support for Hi-Fi Audio 

What good is having a quality car stereo if you can’t use it to listen to high-quality music?  

Pioneer made sure to equip the W6400NEX with the capability to play FLAC files without conversation. This means that you can play files encoded at up to 192kHz/24 bit and listen to them in their original quality.   

This is in addition to the numerous sound quality features that the W6400NEX has, such as time alignment, Auto EQ, 13-band equalizer, as well as a built-in high or low pass crossover.  

Dual Zone Entertainment 

For when one audio or video is not enough, the W6400NEX supports dual-zone entertainment.   

Using this feature, passengers can listen to audio or watch videos via additional rear seat monitors or audio devices separate from the front driver and passenger at the same time.  

Preview Product Rating Price
Pioneer AVIC-W6400NEX DVD Receiver Pioneer AVIC-W6400NEX DVD Receiver No ratings yet $800.00

SIRI Eyes Free Compatible 

Just by touching the NEX touchscreen, you’ll have awakened SIRI’s Eyes Free functionality.  

Equipped with an external microphone, this feature is an improved version of the default voice assistant. It is capable of answering any and all questions that you might have or fulfill requests related to your car stereo without requiring you to take any one of your hands off of the whole nor eyes off of the road.  

Uncomplicated and Intuitive Design 

Make no mistake, the W6400NEX is a high-tech car stereo. However, you wouldn’t think that from how easy it is to use. 

It’s totally unlike many other car stereos out there where you truly have to spend sometime to figure out how to use it. You won’t have that issue with the Pioneer W6400NEX – its intuitive and uncomplicated design means that you can use it pretty much right off out of the box without spending hours trying to read through the user’s manual! 


  • Robust Apple CarPlay functionality 
  • Dual back-up camera input ready 
  • AppRadio Mode + 
  • Hi-Fi audio support 


  • Limited Android support 
  • A bit on the pricey end 
  • Tiny navigation buttons
  • Final Thoughts 

So long as the budget permits, the Pioneer AVIC W6400NEX is certainly well worth buying.   

This car stereo has all the bells and whistles that the average user could ever need, and then some!  

Whether it’s because of its extensive support for Apple CarPlay (and useful albeit limited Android support) or the fact that it supports HiFi audio, there’s little doubt that you’ll have a smile on your face as you cruise down the street with this installed in your car! If you got some cash to shell out, definitely check this one out – this one’s a keeper!  

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