Pioneer AVH-X5800BHS Review

Pioneer is and always has been of one the best car stereo brands on the market. They've been in business for quite a long time and have mastered the art of providing quality car audio components.

Pioneer offers a wide range of car stereos of different types. So whether you're looking for a single DIN stereo, a double DIN stereo with a touch screen, a digital media receiver, or a flip out head unit, Pioneer has got you covered.

The Pioneer AVH-X5800BHS is one of the best double DIN car stereos that Pioneer has to offer, all things considered. This DVD receiver is very well-engineered and well-conceived. It features a large, stylish 6.95" motorized touchscreen with multi-angle adjustments.

Speaking of adjustments, You can customize the look and feel of this receiver by choosing from five display colors and up to 112 key panel illumination options, so the receiver's look goes well with your car's dash and lighting.


Additionally, this receiver also features MIXTRAX technology, which emulates club-like atmosphere and techniques used by DJ's in nightclubs to provide you with uninterrupted entertainment — special effects between songs, transitions effects, and variable-color lighting that pulses with the beat of your music — as you drive.

Aside from its stylish look, the Pioneer AVH-X5800BHS boasts a wide arrays of useful features including :


Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free calling and wireless music streaming from Bluetooth-enabled devices; And unlike most receivers out there which only supports one device at a time, the Pioneer AVH-X5800BHS allows you to pair up to two smartphone devices at the same time. This is a great, useful feature for family vehicles as it will save you from the hassle of pairing and un-pairing devices.Furthermore, if you're an iPhone user, and with your smartphone paired to this receiver via Bluetooth, you can take advantage of Siri® Eyes Free functionality and make phone calls and listen to your messages, calendar information, and reminders without lifting your hands off the steering wheel.

HD Radio™ tuner:

With HD Radio, and as its name implies (High-Definition Radio) you can say goodbye to static, pops, crackles or fades as you can listen to the radio in the same unmatched clarity as your digital music. With HD Radio, FM radio sounds almost as good as a CD, while AM radio sounds as good as traditional FM.

Optional satellite radio:

You don't want to scan through static to find your favorite radio station when you're travelling. It's just frustrating. The downside with standard radio stations is that their signal waves breaks up and fades into static when you travel far away from the radio station. Most radio station signal can only travel for about 50 miles or so from the source, this means you'll have to change radio stations every hour or so.Satellite radio (SiriusXM) allow you to listen to your favorite radio station no matter your location. In other words, you could travel from Seattle to Maine without ever having to change your radio station!

The Pioneer AVH-X5800BHS also features AppRadio One™, which allows you to view and control your smartphone apps and easily access your digital lifestyle through the receiver's touchscreen using a one-cable connection.

In addition to its various radio options and Bluetooth connectivity, the AVH-X5800BHS can play audio/video content from CDs, DVDs, USB thumb drives, smarphones, as well as portable MP3 players such as Ipod.

As for audio features and sound tuning options, the Pioneer AVH-X5800BHS has a built-in internal amp that can put out 14 watts RMS to each of its 4 channels. It's also fitted with 13-band graphic equalizer with 7 preset EQ curves that you can use to better fine tune your sound to match to your musical taste. And since tweaking your receiver's EQ can be a bit daunting, Pioneer fitted this receiver with an Auto-EQ that does the job for you automatically.


The only downside we can reasonably think of is the price. The Pioneer  AVH-X5800BHS double din car stereo is a bit pricey. If you want to go balls-to-the-wall and buy this unit, you'll have to shell out some serious dough. Our purpose here isn’t to convince you guys to go out and splurge on the most expensive double din head unit possible. 

Quite honestly, this unit isn’t even close to the most expensive double din car stereos we’ve come across. However, we do think you get nice bang for your buck with this receiver.


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