Pioneer AVH X4800BS Car Stereo Review

Pioneer is one of the premier manufacturers in the audio industry. Nearly everything they put out to market is a must-buy. Sure, a couple have been duds, but most of them have been clear winners. A good example of this is the Pioneer AVH X4800BS Car Stereo – this one is a fantastic choice for a car stereo  

Taking a couple of cues from its NEX brothers, the AVH-X4800BS enjoys a robust and responsive user interface, complete with a vibrant and bright clear-resistive touchscreen that’s more responsive than its competition.   

While the Pioneer AVH X4800BS Car Stereo won’t win you over with its price, it more than makes up for it with what it brings to the table for how much you pay for it.  

What Makes the Pioneer AVH X4800BS So Good? 

One-Cable Connection with AppRadio One 

Access to your favourite iOS and Android apps have never been easier.   

Thanks to AppRadio One, you’ll be able to view and control compatible apps from either operating system, all by using a single supported cable.

This gives you the convenience of not having to worry about whether or not your phone will be supported. 

Pioneer AVH-X4800BS

Enhanced Bluetooth Functionality 

These days, it can certainly feel like Bluetooth functionality is already a given for any reasonably-priced car stereo, and while that’s true to some extent, not everyone device that uses Bluetooth wireless technology is the same.   

Case in point, the AVH-X4800BS is one of the few that employs the Wideband Speech Handsfree Profile 1.6. What this feature does is that it doubles the bandwidth of the frequency. This helps improve the quality of every call that you make.  

In addition to this, the AVH-X4800BS can connect to two different smartphone devices at the same time wirelessly. You can pick up calls with either device, as long as it’s paired. This eliminates the cumbersome process of having to unpair a device and pair it all over again, and vice versa.

Dedicated Spotify and Pandora Controls 

The AVH-X4800BS has dedicated built-in controls for the Spotify app. This means that you can play tracks, pause, as well as sick them, and browse playlists, and do other things that you do on Spotify using the car stereo itself.  

This is especially advantageous for users of Spotify Premium, who get to enjoy-free music offline on the go.   

In addition to Spotify, the AVH-X4800BS also allows users full control of Pandora directly from the car stereo.   

With convenient controls for both Pandora and Spotify, you’re guaranteed to enjoy high-quality on your car with the AVH-X4800BS installed.  

Robust Voice Recognition Features 

The AVH-X4800BS doesn’t just have an enhanced Bluetooth connectivity. The car stereo also makes full use of a voice recognition engine so you can have a true hands-free experience when operating your stereo while it’s connected to your smartphone.   

For example, using the Siri Eyes Free functionality, using the right voice prompts can let you play music, send and listen to text messages, and make reminders, among other things. 

Pioneer AVH-X4800BS

Customizable Colors  

You don’t have to settle for a dull car stereo with the AVH-X4800BS. You can choose from 112 different colors to mix and match so you can light up the interior lights of your vehicle. Also, you have five colors to choose from for the display itself, with several images for the background available.  

Support for High-Res Audio 

The AVH-X4800BS supports up to 48 kHZ/24 bit high-resolution CD-quality audio playback and .FLAC files.   

To make full advantage of this, the car stereo also enjoys new audio settings including but not limited to a 13-band EQ


  • Extensive AM/FM radio functionality
  • Large and vibrant 7-inch screen
  • Extensive voice control support
  • Automatic syncing 
  • Support for both iOS and Android devices 


  • Not the most user-friendly to install, and will most definitely require professional installation in most cases 
  • Android functionality and support could use some work

Is the Pioneer AVH-X4800BS Worth Buying? 

The main benefit of having a double-DIN stereo is the larger screen, and that’s exactly what you’re getting with the Pioneer AVH X4800BS Car Stereo  

But, what use is a large screen if it’s not intuitive and user-friendly?  

To that end, the Pioneer AVH-X4800BS car stereo also delivers. The 7-inch screen isn't just huge. It’s also packed with a lot of convenience features. This includes, among others, the same highly-praised user interface used in Pioneer’s NEX line of car stereos. In addition to this, while the lack of physical buttons is a disadvantage for other car stereos, the Pioneer AVH X4800BS Car Stereo does away with them without being cumbersome. 

Pioneer made sure to fit the Pioneer AVH X4800BS Car Stereo with the right set of menus and functionalities so that you won’t have to fiddle around too much, which can be especially dangerous when you’re driving.   

All in all, the Pioneer AVH X4800BS Car Stereo is a premium device with a premium price that’s more than well worth what it’s asking for.

Final Thoughts

The AVH-X4800BS is one of the best-selling models from Pioneer, and it’s easy to see why.   

It does away with a lot of old-school features. Yet, at the same time, it made sure to not alienate users who aren’t used to touchscreen functionality just yet. In particular, the interface is designed to be as slick and responsive as it is easy to use. 

With that said, as long as you’re willing to pay for its higher asking price, it’s hard to find fault in the AVH-X4800BS without nitpicking. Overall, we got to say this Car Stereo is a solid choice! 

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