Pioneer AVH-3500NEX Single DIN Flip Out DVD Receiver Review

Single DIN units were thought to be on its way out. That is until flip-out headunits came to the market.   

These head units boast the same modern and touchscreen functionality as larger typical double-DIN head units. However, they only consume the same space as traditional single-DIN units. As a result, they offer an excellent opportunity for older cars that don’t have space for a double-DIN head unit.   

With that said, single-DIN headunits are a relatively new thing, so the average consumer might not know if a particular unit is good or not.   

A good example is the Pioneer AVH-3500NEX receiver.   

Is it good? Is it worth buying? What kind of features does it have?  

Scroll down below to find out what the Pioneer AVH-3500NEX receiver can do and why we think it’s a product worth recommending.  

pioneer avh 3500nex single din dvd receiver

What Makes the Pioneer AVH-3500NEX DVD Receiver So Good? 

Amazon Alexa via Vozsis Smartphone App

Vozsis is a smartphone app that both Android and iOS users can use. It’s an app that lets you take advantage of Amazon Alexa to take care of everything for you. This includes navigation, checking the weather, playing music, and more.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto 

Even if you don’t want to take advantage of Amazon Alexa or Vozsis, the AVH-3500NEX DVD receiver has got you covered.   

This headunit features both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay for safer driving.  

Speaking of safer driving, the AVH-3500NEX DVD receiver pairs easily with up to two Bluetooth-enabled devices for wireless audio streaming and hands-free calling. The latter is made even better using the Wideband Speech Handsfree Profile 1.6 which doubles the frequency bandwidth compared to normal calls made via Bluetooth.  

iPhone users can also make use of what’s known as the “Siri Eyes Free” technology that lets you use the included external microphone to make queries to Siri, all without taking your eyes off of the road.

Upgrade Your Audio Experience 

Wireless audio streaming is good and all, but your listening experience also depends on music selection and audio quality.   

To that end, the AVH-3500NEX Pioneer delivers.  

In addition to supporting Pandora Internet Radio and SiriusXM, the AVH-3500NEX comes with features like Auto EQ and Time Alignment, as well as a 13-Band Graphic Equalizer. It also has a built-in low/high pass crossover, with the slopes and points both adjustable. These features combine to let you customize the listening experience as you please.   

For audiophiles, the AVH-3500NEX receiver has got you covered. This receiver offers playback of high-res FLAC audio files up to 192kHz/24 bit at CD quality playback output.  

Sleek User Interface 

The AVH-3500NEX works just like your smartphone and tablet. Although it doesn’t have a smartphone or tablet’s operating system, the AVH-3500NEX Single Din Flip out receiever was designed to function similarly to the majority of smart devices today.   

It has a user-friendly and customizable user-interface that’s responsive and visible, even under direct sunlight.  


  • Supports both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay
  • High-quality equalizer 
  • Support for multiple media sources 


  • Android Auto and Apple CarPlay requires a physical USB connection 
  • Doesn’t work with some cables for some reason

Is the Pioneer AVH-3500NEX Single DIN Receiver Worth Buying?

There aren’t really that many single-DIN flip-out headunits on the market today, so your choices are a bit limited. However, if we were to recommend just one, the Pioneer AVH-3500NEX  Flip out Receiver review would be it.  

The smooth-operating slide-out touchscreen is enough of a reason to feel excited, but really, it’s the addition of the physical volume knob and big buttons that seal the deal. Although touchscreen is nice and all, having something physical that you can touch or push still feels different if not better.  

Speaking of the slide-out touchscreen, the motor slides in and out with ease and feels solid.   

An underrated feature of the AVH-3500NEX Flip out receiver is that you can retract the screen back without having to turn off the audio.  

Perhaps the only problem we see with the AVH-3500NEX Single Din receiver is the need for a wired physical connection if you intend to make use of Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.   

So, if you’re buying the AVH-3500NEX Single Din for those features, you might want to keep that in mind.


As is the case with most flip-out screen headunits, the Pioneer AVH-3500NEX  also suffers from not being designed yesterday.   

What we’re saying is that the issue of blocking vents or climate control is common among headunits of this kind. This is why we recommend first measuring whether or not the headunit will extend further than you like once installed on your dash.   

Of course, it’s not exactly that bad if it blocks your climate control. It’s not like it’s blocking the entirety of it anyway. Also, you can always hide the screen when you’re not using it to navigate without having to give up listening to your favourite tunes.   

As a bonus, you can control the AVH-3500NEX Single Din Pioneer just by using your voice, which is something that not even double-DIN headunits can do.  

With that said, if your car doesn’t support a double-DIN headunit, and you want the same functionality in a single-DIN package, you’d be hard-pressed to find anything just as good let alone better than the AVH-3500NEX Pioneer

Last update on 2021-12-31 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API