Orion HCCA5000 Competition Grade Monoblock Amplifier Review

We all want that loud banging sound as we roll down the street ! But when we are talking about really boosting up your sound, it’s not all about having the biggest subwoofer or the loudest speaker – you got to get yourself a solid amplifier!  

And, when it comes to amplifiers, none are as big and as bad as the Orion HCCA5000 Competition Monoblock amplifier  

A beast of an amplifier, the Orion HCCA5000 Monoblock amplifier isn’t just all about its size. It’s wildly efficient too. Not to mention, it’s got a beautiful design to go along with it. Although we wouldn’t go as far as to say that it’s the best competition-grade amplifier out there, we do agree that it’s right up there among the best of them.   

As for why, you’ll want read on more below in our review of the Orion HCCA5000 amplifier to find out! 

What Makes the Orion HCCA5000 So Good? 

Big, Mean, and Beautiful 

Who says aesthetics aren’t important when it comes to amplifiers?  

While not at all flashy, the Orion HCCA5000 amplifier means business with its looks. An absolute unit, the HCCA5000 monoblock amplifier measures roughly about 2 feet in length and 1 foot in width.

Orion HCCA5000 competition Monoblock amplifier

It’s around 3 and 1/4 inches tall and weighs a little over 25 pounds, give or take. It’s also finished with a rich red anodized paint on its heatsink with graphics that have been laser-etched onto it to give it a bit of an old-school kind of look.  

Heavy-Duty Power and Speaker Terminals 

The Orion HCCA5000 competition amplifier comes with 3 negative connections and 3 positive connections. But that’s not all. Each one is a heavy-duty terminal that’s capable of accepting a 1/0-gauge wire. In addition to this, the speaker terminals are built for four-gauge speaker cables as well, which only further reinforces just how solid the build quality of this amplifier is.   

Speaking of the build, the amplifier is designed with convenience in mind.   

On one side, you’ll find all of the signal input and control functions. Meanwhile, it borrows a panel-mount design for its RCAs for both the input and output of the signal. 

5000 Watts RMS 

Yes, you read that right. Also, feel free to read it again.   

With a whopping 5,000 watts continuous power output (RMS) rating, this class-D monoblock amplifier can support as much as 3,600 watts with a 2 Ohms load or 5,400 watts with a 1-Ohm load.

Subsonic Filter 

You don’t typically find subsonic filters in amplifiers. This is true even in premium products.   

For those that don’t know, a subsonic filter is essentially a high pass filter built specifically for frequencies lower than 45Hz. If enabled, the filter will only allow frequencies above the said setting through. Anything below it is made quieter to the point of being non-existent, allowing for purer and better-quality sound.  

The subsonic filter in the Orion HCCA5000 monoblock amplifier makes it an even better value than it already was.  


  • Extremely efficient for a competition-grade monoblock amplifier 
  • Subsonic filter is a great addition to your car’s audio system that helps enhance sound quality even further 


  • Expensive 

Is the Orion HCCA5000 Amplifier Worth Buying? 

Power! If we had to choose just one word to describe the Orion HCCA5000 amplifier, that would be it! And this one’s got lots of it!  

Mind you, the HCCA5000 isn’t just all power. It’s low distortion and impedance is impressive, especially when you consider that it was built to handle all of that power.   

With that said, the HCCA5000 is an excellent foundation for a competition-grade audio system. The only catch? You’ll need to spend mightly for your car to keep up with it. Because, at stock, your car will likely struggle. You’ll need a high-quality battery and a high-output alternator for this, even if you don’t plan on joining competitions.   

If, however, you would like to squeeze out every watt out of the HCCA5000 amplifier on a one-ohm load, then you’ll likely looking at least two dedicated batteries MINIMUM.  

If you’re okay with that, the Orion HCCA5000 is definitely the way to go.

Final Thoughts 

One of the most well-known amplifier manufacturers on the market, Orion went well above and beyond expectations with the Orion HCCA5000 amplifier.  

Just be careful though.   

This much power comes at the cost, and we’re not just talking about making sure that your car is up to the task. Rather, we’re talking about how addicting it is to keep on upgrading your car’s audio system to make the most out of this amplifier. Prepare to shell out some dough!  

If it’s any consolation though, you likely won’t be needing a new amplifier anytime soon with the Orion HCCA5000 amplifier installed. This one’s going to last you for quite some time! 

Last update on 2021-02-25 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API