Kenwood Excelon DNX994S Double DIN Stereo Review

With the advancement in technology, more and more pieces of equipment for vehicles are being introduced in the market to give more comfort and convenience to drivers and passengers alike. Among the latest innovations are some of the newer Double DIN stereo products. They've got some nice looking units these days. 

One in particular we've looked at is the Kenwood Excelon DNX994S. This thing is a beauty! Being one of the leading manufacturers of auto audio equipment, Kenwood has become the number one choice for many customers. Today, they offer high-quality automotive systems that provide drivers with added convenience. In this guide, we take a look at Kenwood's very own - Excelon DNX994S Double DIN Stereo. Let's review!

Technical Feature Summary

  • In-Dash Built-in GPS Navigation System
  • 6.95-inch Touchscreen Display
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • Built-in HD Radio Tuner
  • Built-in Amplifier
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Compatible
  • Built-in iPhone, iPad, and iPod Control
  • Built-in Android Control
  • Garmin Navigation System
  • Maps of the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and US Virgin Islands and 6 million POIs
  • Text-to-speech Voice Prompts
  • Optional Traffic Reports
Kenwood Excelon DNX994S Double DIN Headunit

Our Review

Kenwood Excelon DNX994S provides drivers with easy control with its 6.95-inch multi-touch display, audio features, smartphone integration, and accurate GPS guidance. It’s a phenomenal product that offers optimum convenience to its users.

Featuring a 5-volt preamp signal, the system’s receiver produces high-quality audio. It offers an equalizer of 13 bands that comes with a sensor that allows everyone inside the vehicle to hear music despite the external road noise. When it comes to sound quality, this model delivers the best audio experience with its high-quality sound parts, advanced tuning capabilities, and additional sound staging systems.

Moreover, this product boasts of its smartphone integration feature as it is compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This means that you can take advantage of impressive multimedia features whether you use an Apple device or an Android device. With the model’s smartphone integration, you can enjoy in-car entertainment to the fullest. You can play music, podcasts, or audiobooks. You can also send and receive messages, listen to voicemail, make calls, get directions from Apple Maps, or talk to Siri.

In addition, the model has built-in Bluetooth that allows pairing up to 10 Bluetooth devices. The Phone Connection is also available to secure the connection of two phones to the device with easy switching.

Kenwood Excelon DNX994S also boasts of its on-board navigation system. With the Garmin navigation software and map data, the model features on-screen maps with over 6 million POIs of attractions, hotels, restaurants, gas stations, parking lots, airports, and more. This navigation system allows for calculated on-screen routes and audible directions. The head unit displays Junction View, Lane Assist, Speed Limit Icon, as well as Exit Services to guide you through your destination.

What’s more, this Kenwood model allows up to two camera connections, enabling you to get a clearer view of the road when in traffic spots. If you have two rear-view cameras, you can reverse the view of one of them to get both front and back views of the road.


  • Comes with capacitive multi-touch display
  • Features high-end RMS watts audio output
  • Offers a multi-language menu
  • Comes with Garmin navigation system
  • Offers built-in HD radio, Sirius XM Ready and AM/FM support
  • Features built-in Bluetooth and dual phone connection


  • A bit on the pricier end
  • USB compatibility is not too reliable
  • Navigation system needs improvement


If you’re looking for a model that can give you additional convenience and entertainment in your vehicle, give Kenwood DNX994S a try and enjoy fun and unconventional in-car experience.

Just like any other products in the market, Kenwood DNX994S has its fair share of pros and cons. Nevertheless, its pros still outweigh its cons. This means that it’s still worth the try. After all, Kenwood DNX994S is such an impressive model. It offers multiple functions for entertainment, connectivity, and safety that all make your driving experience much more convenient and fun.

If you’re looking to upgrade your vehicle with innovative technologies, consider Kenwood DNX994S as your first option. With this model from Kenwood, you can make every trip memorable not only for you but also for your whole family.

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