Kenwood DPX503BT Double DIN Car Stereo Review

When looking to upgrade your Car Stereo, it may be tempting to get the fanciest tech out there -but they can be pricey as heck! Sure, they can come in handy but sometimes, all people want is what they need and not much more. Sometimes it can be good enough to get something that plays CDs, as well as DVDs, and can play music straight out of a flash drive, or a phone that’s connected to it via USB.  

If that’s something that you’re looking for, then you might want to take a look at the Kenwood DPX503BT.  

The DPX503BT is arguably the best modernized version of old technology.   

Why do we say that? Because, for a double-DIN unit manufactured within the last few years, the DPX503BT looks like it belongs more in the early 2000s era than today. But, even so, it does come with a lot of features that are familiar for both older automobile enthusiasts, as well as the newer ones.  

A perfectly capable replacement for your aging stock stereo of your older automobile, there are a ton of reasons to love the DPX503BT. 

What Makes the Kenwood DPX503BT So Good?  

Ready for Pandora and/or Spotify Music Streaming 

Don’t let its aging look fool you. The DPX503BT is still a modern machine at heart.  

You can connect your iOS or Android device to it via Bluetooth or USB and enjoy the convenience of controlling Pandora and/or Spotify so you can stream the music you want straight from your online playlists.  

Kenwood DPX503BT

KENWOOD Music Mix Support 

With the DPX503BT, you can connect as many as 5 Bluetooth® devices to the head unit simultaneously. This gives anyone inside the car the ability to play the DJ and choose the music for the rest of the gang without the hassle of having to disconnect and re-connect devices.  

Dual Phone Connection 

For those who are always on the go and carry multiple phones with them, the DPX503BT comes with dual phone support so you can switch between both of your phones with ease to answer all incoming calls.   

As an added bonus, the DPX503BT also has a wide-band hands-free profile version 1.6 for better voice clarity during calls.

KENWOOD Remote App Support 

You can also operate the DPX503BT via the KENWOOD Remote App through a Bluetooth connection iOS and/or Android device.  

Kenwood DPX503BT


If you’re particularly picky when it comes to the quality of your music, then the DPX503BT will definitely not disappoint you. Although much of the music quality depends on your audio system, having a capable headunit helps, and with the DPX503BT, you can rest easy knowing that it’s capable of playing music from a wide variety of high-resolution audio sources, including FLAC, WMA, and AAC, as well as WAV and MP3.  

Large 6.2-Inch Screen

At 6.2 inches, the screen of the DPX503BT is large enough for folks of all ages to see what’s on the screen and operate it with ease.   

Unlike most stock head units, you won’t have to squint to see the screen of the DPX503BT. This makes for a more convenient and safer operation, especially while driving. This will come in handy the most for older folks. 

Sleek and Stylish Old-School Design 

By meshing new-school features with old-school design, the DPX503BT has found a way to appeal to both modern and older audiences.   

Sure, the younger drivers out there might want to prefer something with a touchscreen, or a screen that supports back-up cameras. However, for those who want something that’s relatively low-tech and simple, the DPX503BT checks all of the boxes, and then some.   

With bright variable color LEDs, the DPX503BT also lets you customize dash lighting to match your mood. 


  • Perfect for older folks who are looking to update their stock head unit
  • Compatibility with Android and iOS devices
  • Large screen with bright variable color LEDs
  • Relatively affordable  


  • No support for back-up cameras

Who Can Buy the Kenwood DPX503BT ? 

It’s worth noting that the Kenwood DPX503BT is not for everybody. In certain areas, for example, back-up cameras (both front- and rear-facing) need to be connected to a large enough screen. This means that the DPX503BT might not be ideal for such situations, although there are workarounds, such as using rearview-mounted dash cameras.   

If you prefer the convenience of having the display of your back-up camera show up on your headunit, then the Kenwood DPX503BT is definitely not for you.   

If, however, you are a technologically-challenged or simply want something that’s relatively simple but also better than what the stock headunit of your aging automobile can offer, then the DPX503BT is definitely well worth taking a look at.

Final Thoughts 

Nothing more, and nothing less.   

That phrase is probably the best way to sum up what the DPX503BT is all about.   

With an attractive price tag and most if not all of the necessary features that the average driver will want in a double-din head unit, the DPX503BT checks all of the right boxes.   

The fact that the head unit has actual physical buttons is a huge plus, especially for older drivers who are used to that feedback. Also, because it has all of the modern niceties found in newer head units, it’s also an excellent way to bring older drivers back up to speed and get them familiar with newer tech.   

With that said, as long as video display is not an absolute must for you, you’ll want to take a look at what the DPX503BT has to offer.

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