Kenwood DDX372BT Double DIN Headunit Review

In the earliest days of car stereos, it was very easy to replace a head unit when you wanted to. The specifications were pretty much the same and the system layout and size where more or less standard. Nowadays, there are so many options available that it can make the choice very difficult. That's why we take a closer look at the Kenwood DDX372BT Double DIN Head Unit. 

It comes from a brand with a long, celebrated pedigree in providing dependable car audio equipment. So, does this unit continue the trend of reliable products? Read on to find out. 


  • Built-in DVD player as well as AM/FM tuner
    Responsive 6.2” touchscreen
    Baked-in Bluetooth allowing audio streaming from your smartphone as well as hands-free calling
    SiriusXM Satellite Radio capable—you need to buy a tuner and antenna separately
    PAC SWI-RC Steering wheel interface adapter is already included in packaging.
    Subwoofer level controls
    Eyes-free Siri integration
    6-channel preamp outputs
    1-year warranty

Our Review

If your ride features a double DIN standard size port on your dashboard, then this unit is worth your consideration. The standard RMS output for the unit 22 watts x 4 while it peaks at a power output of 50 watts x 4 channels. The preamp voltage is a standard 5 volts. One important note to make before diving into all that this unit has to offer is the fact that you need to convert any USB or mass media units from NTFS to FAT32 in order to be compatible with this Kenwood head unit.


The unit features a sleek yet simple design that centers on the 6.2” touchscreen. This, in turn, features variable color illumination that is easy on the eyes and it highly responsive to the touch which makes it a joy to use on the road. As is common with Kenwood products, there is a definite slant toward user-friendliness that can't be beat. You can easily navigate through the menu should you wish to connect your smartphone--be it iPhone or Android, adjust audio output, make a call, and more. 

Kenwood DDX372BT Double DIN Head Unit

Audio Performance

The audio output of the Kenwood DDX372BT Double DIN Head Unit isn't something that's going to blow you away, but it's definitely good enough that you will find yourself enjoying anything spit out by the device. Whether you're busting out tunes or taking a call, you'll really not be complaining much about what you hear. That being said, there can be improvements made to the audio output which you'll notice if you're a dedicated audiophile. 

Great Connectivity

Nowadays, a head unit that isn't allowing you to connect to your favorite services isn't one that's going to get much market traction. That's certainly not a problem with this Kenwood. Apart from being able to connect to your iPhone or Android, via Bluetooth, it also has a built-in USB port for wired connectivity and on-the-go charging.

It's even SiriusXM capable provided you fork over some cash for the required tuner and antenna. It also doesn't let go of the past either, being able to accept good old-fashioned DVDs and CDs. 

Easy Installation

While features and looks are often discussed when it comes to these units, it bears mentioning that this Kenwood is a joy to install. It's not exactly just plug and play but it's the closest you can get to doing away with complicated wirings and setups that plague most modern units available. 


  • Perfect balance of power, performance, and affordable price tag.
  • A stable if not exactly mind-blowing option 
  • Very reliable in terms of what it can do. 
  • Touchscreen display stunningly gorgeous. 
  • Iphone, iPod, and Android compatible out of the box 
  • Iphone, iPod, and Android compatible out of the box 
  • Bluetooth is dependable.  
  • Navigation capabilities are impressive and reliable.. 


  • Not entirely future proof in terms of navigation
  • No reverse camera integration. 
  • Sound quality could use some improvement. 

Final Verdict

This unit is a beauty in that it has a simple, unified design that doesn't stand out glaringly on your dash. For the price point, you get all the connectivity options that you could ever possibly ask for. Add in the fact that it's very simple to operate and you have an altogether dependable head unit in this Kenwood. It's definitely worth recommending as the benefits leave what little downers can be found. 

As you can probably tell from out review, the Kenwood DDX372BT Double DIN Head Unit is a reliable workhorse of an audio product. It really gets what it sets out to do done in an appreciable fashion! It might not knock your socks off in terms of innovations, but it never really tries to. It just aims to provide car owners with a dependable audio-visual experience as well as navigation capabilities without breaking the bank. If you're on a budget but still want quality, this is the unit to get. 

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