JVC Car Speakers Reviews

JVC is a Japanese international corporation founded in 1927. JVC was originally established as an audio/video company. Today, they’re one of the most authoritative, well-known brands in the consumer and professional electronics industry. They produce and market a wide range of products including TVs, Video Home Systems, headphones, projectors …etc. JVC has grown into a leading worldwide multinational company that produces innovative products that are a step ahead of the industry.

JVC also produces various low-cost car audio solutions including car speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers and multimedia head units. In this article, we’ll be looking and reviewing a few JVC car speakers. The question we want to tackle is : For people who have access to dozens of other car speakers from just as many brands, are JVC car speakers worth the price? Let’s find out.

JVC Car Speakers Reviews

JVC CS-ZX640 Speakers Review

JVC CS-ZX640 Speakers ReviewThe CS-ZX640 speakers are one of the best 6.5 car speakers that JVC has to offer. These 4-way coaxial speakers feature Carbon Mica 3D woofer cones, supported by single roll rubber surround built onto a steel stamped frame. They are equipped with Poly-Ether Imide Dome tweeters and super-tweeters which allows the speakers to cover higher frequencies.

The CS-ZX640 speakers can handle up to 50 watts of power on continuous basis. They feature 89 dB sensitivity rating and have a relatively wide frequency range. As with most JVC car speakers, the only downside we can reasonbaly think of is the lack of deep bass. I means these speakers will sound just fine. However, we wouldn’t recommend them to those of you who usually listen to bass heavy music.

JVC CS-ZX640 Specifications
  • Size : 6-1/2″
  • Design :  4-Way Coaxial
  • Power Handling 
    • Peak   :  350 watts
    • RMS  :     50 watts
  • Sensitivity  : 89 dB
  • Frequency range :  40Hz – 25,000Hz
  • Top-mount depth : 2-1/4″
  • Impedance : 4 ohms

JVC CS-J620 Speakers Review

JVC CS-J620 Speakers ReviewThis is going to be the cheapest pick of the lot by far. These speakers aren’t anything to write home about. They are outclassed by most car speakers we reviewed here. So if you’re on the lookout for a decent replacement for your factory-installed speakers, and you’re on a tight budget, the JVC CS-J620 speakers are a good cheap entry-level speakers worth considering.

The JVC CS-J620 speakers can handle up to 30 watts of power on continuous basis, and are rated for 92 dB sensitivity rating. Speakers with high sensitivity rating require less power. For example a pair of speakers featuring a sensitivity rating that’s 3 dB higher than another pair of speakers only needs half as much power to deliver the same amount of sound. In other words, this means that speakers with 92 dB only needs 50 watts to produce the same volume as a 89dB speaker using 100 watts.

These speakers sound crisp and clear for the price.However, if you’re a basshead looking for loud thump, then you should spend extra money on some other high-end speakers.

JVC CS-J620 Specifications
  • Size : 6-1/2″
  • Design :  2-Way Coaxial
  • Power Handling 
    • Peak  :  300 watts
    • RMS :    30 watts
  • Sensitivity  : 92 dB
  • Frequency range :  35Hz – 22,000Hz
  • Top-mount Depth : 1-23/32″
  • Impedance : 4 ohms

JVC CS-V6938 Speakers

JVC CS-V6938 6X9 Car Speakers ReviewIf you’re looking for a decent, reasonably priced pair of JVC 6X9 car speakers, then the JVC CS-V6938 is a great option to consider. These 3-way coaxial speakers are a significant upgrade over factory-installed speakers. So, whether you’re tired of listening to your worn out speakers or you just want to hear a little more detail in your music, JVC’s DRVN Series speakers have you covered. We’ve come a cross a ton of you who have used and loved the way these speakers sound.

The CS-V6938 6″x9″ speakers can handle up to 60 watts and have are rated for a sensitivity rating of 88 dB. They feature durable woofer cone made from a composite material consisting of carbon fiber, and mica, along with 13/16″ PEI tweeters and 2-5/8″ PEI midrange that’ll increase your music’s clarity and detail.

The JVC CS-V6938 speakers are a great speakers with a surprisingly quality sound (mids and highs), but they’re a bit lacking in terms of bass reproduction.

JVC CS-V6938 Specifications
  • Size : 6″x9″
  • Design :  3-way Coaxial
  • Power Handling
    • RMS  :   60 watts
    • Peak :  400 watts
  • Sensitivity  : 88 dB
  • Frequency range :  35Hz – 22,000Hz
  • Top-mount Depth :  3-1/8″
  • Impedance : 4 ohms

Final Thoughts

As you might have already noticed, JVC car speakers aren’t by any means the most sophisticated car speakers out there. However, they make a great replacement for factory-installed speakers especially considering their fairly low price tag. While most advanced, high-end car speakers are priced at over $400, easily, JVC car speakers can be purchased for much much less – I mean as low as $20. So, as long as you don’t expect these speakers to turn your ride into a rolling thunderstorm of bass, and be heard miles away, you won’t be disappointed.