JL Audio 10W6v3-D4 Subwoofer Review

If you are looking for a high-quality subwoofer that gives value to your money, then the JL Audio 10W6v3-D4 Subwoofer is what you are looking for. It produces the finest bass and superb quality sound that gives you the first-class audio experience during your drive.

JL Audio has since become the most trusted brand that produces high-end best-selling subwoofer drivers, speakers, stealth boxes, amplifiers and other audio accessories for cars. It has been their passion to give distinctive engineering, world-class, and high-quality audio to their customers around the globe.

Product Features and Highlights

  • 10 inches’ subwoofer with two 4-ohm voice coils
  • Alloy basket in satin black
  • Rubber surround mineral-filled polypropylene cone
  • 1200 watts of peak power handling
  • 200-600 watts of power range
  • 82.7 dB sensitivity
  • 22-200 Hz of frequency response
  • 6-15/16 inches’ top-mount depth
  • 0.828 cubic feet - ported box volume:
  • 0.628 cubic feet – seared box volume
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
JL Audio 10W6v3-D4 subwoofer
JL Audio 10W6v3-D4 10" 600W Dual 4-Ohm Car Subwoofer
  • Small Sealed Enclosure Volume Requirements
  • Very Long Linear Excursion Capability: 0.74 In / 18.8 mm, One-Way
  • High Power Handling
  • DMA-Optimized Motor Designs
  • Mounting Depth: 6.89"

Our Review

Jl Audio has the best-selling W6 series, the most popular subwoofers in their line. If you are inclined to high-quality subs that gives a hard thumping sound, then JL Audio 10W6v3-D4 Subwoofer is what you are looking for. This fine-quality subwoofer shares the original ground-breaking technologies of the W7AE.

The suspension design of the subwoofer features a big diameter, progressive roll spider to offer linear compliance over the excursion range of the subwoofer and a rubber surround for more improved durability. The injection-molded cones are filled with polypropylene and enclosed in a satin black alloy cast with a silver accent to give a classy yet stylish look to the subwoofer.

The W6v3 Subwoofer can be used with as little as 200 watts, but for optimal audio performance, it is highly recommended to use a 400-600 watts’ amplifier. Moreover, the JL Audio W6v3 subwoofer is enhanced to operate in sealed or ported enclosures; for a vented or ported enclosure, it needs 0.75 ftwhile in an air space it will only need 0.55 ft3. (For further specifications and figures you can refer to their user manual along with the subwoofers.

The W6v3 subwoofers are built in precise and careful quality control in their factory in Miramar, Florida. They take pride in their extreme preciseness and high-quality craftsmanship to its overall build quality. This attention to minute yet extremely important details raised the bars for JL Audio products and have given its distinct, superior performance.

JL Audio Patented Cooling Technology

Inside the pole-vent, a bullet-shaped structure located in the middle of the magnet structure boosts air velocity and guides airflow into the voice coil to reduce its temperature. It is also equipped with an original elevated Frame Cooling figure that delivers cools air that enhances power handling and sound quality by reducing power compression and dynamic parameter shifts.

Monstrous Bass

The 10W6v3 subwoofer uses tough and superior-quality cones filled with polypropylene that gives outrageous strength without the added size that slows down the response of subwoofers. This JL Audio product gives knockout low end and hard-hitting thump with superb accuracy. The company is passionate about giving good quality products to its customers. As a matter of fact, they have conducted extensive research to develop a highly-operational and efficient motor that could deliver provide strong and consistent bass even while handling up to 600 watts RMS.

Accuracy-made low end

The subwoofer’s strong cast-alloy basket permits your W6v3 sub to control big-time power without any distortion. A high-tech suspension system also allows movement in the linear cone for greater accuracy. Furthermore, it has a simple terminal jumper wiring system that enables you to adjust the sub’s impedance to design a multi-sub setup or to attract maximum power from the amplifier.

Linearity and Control

The 10W6v3 sub has the Dynamic Motor Analysis system of JL Audio that helps improve motor behavior. With the DMA optimization, the W6v3 motor stays linear even in an extreme range of excursion and keep a highly-stable, fixed magnetic field. This allows a clean, tight, and articulate bass sound for your car. The Ultra-Long Voice Coil promotes the phenomenal power handling and extreme linear excursion that gives the superb quality sound from the subwoofer.


  • 10 inches’ subwoofer with two 4-ohm voice coils
  • With Patented Cooling Technology
  • Rubber surround mineral-filled polypropylene cone
  • Gives accurate high-quality sound
  • With DMA optimization


  • Quite expensive

Final Thoughts

JL Audio has been giving its customers first-class audio experience for decades now. They have not once dissatisfied their customers when it comes to their distinctly engineered subwoofers and they take pride in the quality and durability of their product. This subwoofer is a monster in giving ground-breaking bass yet gives the highest sonic clarity for a perfect sound experience. 

The JL Audio 10W6v3-D4 Subwoofer is made of durable, polypropylene filled cone that reflects superb accuracy and excellent response of the subs. The sturdy cast-alloy basket also eliminates distortion- giving a clean, deep and high-quality bass. With all things considered, this exceptional subwoofer gives first-class sound experience that is guaranteed to last long.

JL Audio 10W6v3-D4 10" 600W Dual 4-Ohm Car Subwoofer
  • Small Sealed Enclosure Volume Requirements
  • Very Long Linear Excursion Capability: 0.74 In / 18.8 mm, One-Way
  • High Power Handling
  • DMA-Optimized Motor Designs
  • Mounting Depth: 6.89"

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