Jensen VX4014 Single DIN Flip Out Headunit Review

Whatever your reasons are for driving – whether that’s for travel, work, school, etc., those long drives can get tedious and exhausting! So why not enhance your drives with a solid entertainment system for your car. But you don’t have to go all out either! If you want to soup up your car stereo system without so much putting a dent in your wallet, take a look at 

The Jensen VX4014 Single DIN Flip Out Headunit.   

This Single DIN Head unit has a ton of features that goes with it – even for a Single DIN receiver! When comparing Single DINs and Double DIN receivers, the Doubles obviously have a ton more functions over their counterparts, but you’d be surprised with Jensen’s model!  

In this article, we will talk about the benefits of having this device in your car. It includes the features of the device for you to know its capabilities as well as the benefits of each feature. However, the most important thing of all, you will know the pros and cons of having this device so you may decide for yourself if the Jensen VX4014 is worth the buy! 

Product Features and Highlights  

  • Manufactured for iPhone compatibility 
  • Has Direct USB access 
  • Includes with Apple Carplay 
  • Has SiriusXM Capability 
  • Features Bluetooth Capability 
  • With Included External Microphone  
  • With Screen Mirror System 
  • Has a Flip-up Monitor System 
Jensen VX4014 Single DIN Flip Out Headunit



This device unit has a shiny but simple appearance with a focus on its 7-inch touch-screen display that you can use as you navigate through the options. This includes RGB illumination in the front panel that makes it easier for users to see it. It is also highly responsive to touch, which makes it comfortable for road use.  

This unit is definitely user-friendly as you can navigate through the options on the menu without any difficulty. Another unique feature is its electronic capability to flip-out the screen for more and easier access and keeping it back inside its sheath when not being used. 

Audio Quality 

The sound quality of Jensen VX4014 Single DIN Flip Out Headunit is something you would not regret after purchasing it. The audio output will allow you to enjoy the sound of your music inside the car as you drive as it enhances the quality, making it more pleasant to the ears. When it comes to making phone call conversations, you will not experience any difficulty in hearing someone’s voice because of the superior sound quality it produces. 

USB Connectivity 

You will never find a lot of devices that have better compatibility like this. The Jensen VX4014 Single DIN Flip Out Headunit is capable of connecting your Android or iPhone, not only using the Bluetooth system but also through its USB capability.   

You may also insert your Micro SD card if you do not have the USB cord, which adds up to its hassle-free connectivity features. You may also use your personally mixed music stored in your CDs and DVDs since this device is capable of doing that as well. Overall, its easy access to be connected to other devices is something you should not ignore. 

Jensen VX4014 Single DIN Flip Out Headunit


Even if this device has a lot of beautiful capabilities that improve the experience inside your car, it does not mean that it is difficult to install. In fact, this can be easily installed compared to other devices out there that have the complexity of attaching it to your dashboard. It may not have a plug and play process, but it is not so complicated when installing it to your car and connecting the wiring's.


  • Balanced in performance, quality, and cost 
  • Reliable and smooth Bluetooth functions 
  • High Quality Touchscreen  
  • Great Connectivity Functions - USB, Micro SD, CDs and DVDs 
  • Excellent Navigation System 


  • The flip-up screen system might malfunction in the future if not used with care 
  • Unadjustable screen – can’t be adjusted to avoid glare 


We hope you have gotten some insight with our review of the Jensen VX4014 Single DIN Flip Out Headunit! As you can probably tell, this one is a purchase you won’t regret, especially when it comes to your car’s audio system! Included are its additional high technology options which is something that will never go out of style even in the years to come.  

This device aims at offering vehicle owners with a reliable and high-quality and comfortable audio and visual experience, as well as navigations, without burning a big hole in their pocket. If you are looking for excellent quality, yet affordable one, definitely consider the Jensen VX4014 Single DIN Head Unit! 

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