Ion Audio Tailgater IPA77 Portable PA Review

A battery that can last you an entire day, wireless connectivity, and built to withstand all sorts of abuse. Those are the three things that you want in a reliable tailgater.   

Unfortunately, such tailgaters are hard to come by. Usually, you can only get two out of three. Three out of three is possible, but not without paying for a substantial premium. But, lucky for you, we’ve found something that checks all of the right boxes while staying mostly clear of the wrong ones! And that’s exactly what you get with the Ion Audio Tailgater IPA77 Portable PA . 

Read on below for our Ion Audio Tailgater IPA77 Portable PA review.

Ion Audio Tailgater IPA77

What Makes the Ion Audio Tailgater IPA77 Portable PA So Great? 

2-Way Speaker System 

2-Way speaker systems have a distinct advantage over other types of speakers. Mostly, this is because of the added number of drivers that they have. They enjoy the benefit of having both a woofer and a tweeter. The former is responsible for driving low-frequency audio. Meanwhile, the latter is responsible for high-frequency audio.   

Because of its “robust woofer and wide-dispersion tweeter”, you can expect good quality audio from the Ion AudioTailgater IPA77 Portable PA.

50-watt dynamic power amplifier 

The Ion Tailgater IPA77 Portable PA comes equipped with an integrated 50-watt dynamic power amplifier. This allows you to do a lot of things with the sound quality. This includes, among others, toying with the frequency range so you can find the right sound signature from anywhere between 77Hz and 20kHz.  

Easy Pair and Bluetooth Connectivity 

The “Easy Pair” feature lets you link any NFC-enabled smartphone with the Ion Audio Tailgater IPA77 portable with nothing but a single tap. Also, once connected, either via NFC or via Bluetooth, you can play or pause tracks, as well as go back to the previous and go to the next ones, all with convenient controls.   

In case you don’t have a Bluetooth device, you can connect manually via the 3.5mm aux input.  

Built-in 50-hour Rechargeable Battery 

When we told you that we had a tailgater that could literally last you an entire day, we weren’t joking.   

The Ion Tailgater IPA77 comes with a 50-hour built-in rechargeable battery. This means that you can enjoy all-day music and still have room to spare. As an added bonus, it comes with a USB power bank function. This allows you to recharge your smartphone and tablet, as well as other devices, with ease.  

Rugged Heavy-Duty Design 

When we’re talking about tailgaters with all-nighter capabilities, there’s some expected roughhousing to be had.

This means that the tailgater has to be built to withstand a certain level of abuse, and that’s exactly what the Tailgater IPA77 is capable of.   

Thanks to its simplistic and “boxy” design -- you could argue that it looks more like a guitar amplifier than a speaker -- as well as its reinforced corners, you won’t have to worry about whether or not the Ion Audio Tailgater IPA77 portable can withstand a couple of expected bumps and hits when everyone’s out and partying.   

Ion Audio Tailgater IPA77 portable

Speaking of partying, the Ion Audio Tailgater iPA77 portable also comes with a high-quality microphone, as well as AM/FM radio capabilities.   

So, in addition to playing audio from your devices, you can use this speaker for some good old karaoke


  • Excellent value for the money 
  • 50-hour rechargeable built-in battery with USB charging capabilities 
  • Multiple input and output options
  • Comes with a high-quality microphone 
  • Simplistic and rugged design, built for heavy-duty use 


  • Radio reception could do a bit better
  • Audio quality is good but inconsistent 
  • No wheels 

Is the ION Audio Tailgater iPA77 Portable Worth Buying? 

Yes, definitely yes  

As long as you can live with some of the disadvantages that the ION Audio Tailgater IPA77 Portable has, it’s a must-buy for people who like to host outdoor and indoor parties frequently.   

Sure, it doesn’t have any lighting, nor is the audio quality the loudest nor the most consistent. It doesn’t even have wheels, which makes portability a bit of a problem. But, the thing is, you can live with all of those because you can get by them with a few clever purchases, especially since this speaker won’t cost you a lot of money.   

Considering the way that it is built and everything else that it brings to the table, you’d expect to pay more for this speaker. This one’s a no brainer! 


There are “better” alternatives out there. There are outdoor speaker systems that are more lightweight and portable or have better features, or high-quality audio and louder volume. However, those said systems also cost significantly more. Not to mention, they might not even be as durable as the ION Audio Tailgater IPA77 portable  

Sure, it’s not for everybody, but for those looking for a speaker that can take a few hits and last for 50 hours or so, all without punching a hole on your wallet, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better choice

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