Top 5 Best Infinity Car Speakers Reviews

Infinity is an American manufacturer of loudspeakers founded in 1968. They produce various audio equipment for a range of audio applications including automotive, home, theater, and marine applications.

Infinity has been part of the Harman International Industries group since 1983. Infinity has mastered the art of providing above par speakers for a reasonable price. That’s part of what makes them so appealing.

So, if you don't care anything else besides getting a pair of speakers designed to provide quality sound at a reasonable price, we would definitely recommend you infinity speakers. In this guide, we highlight the best infinity car speakers out there! Find out why Infinity continues to be one of the leading manufacturers below!

Reviews of the Top 5 Best Infinity Car Speakers

The reference series of speakers are some of Infinity's best selling car speakers in the market (the Reference series of speakers seems to be well-liked). They are also the cheapest of all infinity speakers.

Infinity Reference series of speakers come in various sizes and configuration. So, whichever size you're looking for, Infinity has got you covered.

 We've come across a ton of you who have used and loved the sound quality of these speakers.

Infinity Reference speakers feature a Plus One+ woofer design, which allows for a cone with more surface area than that in competing models of the same size. 

Infinity Reference 6032cf

The built in crossovers allow these speakers to produce extremely accurate audio notes and sounds.They are also equipped with large textile dome tweeters that produce crystal clear highs and don't distort at loud volumes. These tweeters are equipped with a level control so you can fine-tune the degree of brightness to match your taste.

The tweeter's level control switch allows you to choose two settings. 0 db gives the tweeters a flatter response on the high. Switching to 3db gives the highs a more defined and high pitched sound.

If I had to nitpick Infinity Reference speakers, it would just be the lack of bass. Don't get us wrong, these speakers sound great, but they just won't handle bass that well.

That being said, you won't be disappointed with these speakers as long as you keep in mind that coaxial speakers that can deliver ground-pounding bass at high volume do not exist. If you want ground-shaking bass, then there's no substitute for a subwoofer. It's that simple.

Infinity Reference 6032cf Specifications

  • Size : 6-1/2" & 6-3/4"
  • Design : 2-Way Coaxial
  • Sensitivity : 93 dB
  • Power Handling
    • RMS  :  60 watts
    • Peak : 180 watts
  • Frequency response :  53 - 21,000 Hz
  • Top-mount depth : 2-1/16"
  • Impedance : 2 ohms


  • Easy to install
  • Great Mid range. Great High End
  • Speakers are built of high quality material 


  • No hardware included

This is what you can get if you’re willing to shell out a little more money. Infinity Kappa 62.11i are some of the best car speakers that Infinity has to offer.

These speakers are designed and built from the ground up with quality in mind. They're very-well engineered and would be a great investment for anyone who's looking for quality car speakers that can produce well-balanced sound.

The Infinity Kappa 62.11i are equipped with edge-driven 1" soft dome tweeters which produce natural-sounding high frequencies.

The "edge-driven" design allows for a larger tweeter that handles more power and delivers smooth response way down into midrange frequencies not covered by smaller "W"-shaped tweeters.

Infinity Kappa 62.11i

Additionally, Infinity's UniPivot design allows you to aim each tweeter toward your driving position, so you enjoy excellent stereo imaging even if the speakers are mounted way down low in your doors. Each tweeter also features a level control switch that can be used to fine-tune and adjust the brightness of the highs to your taste.

Infinity Kappa speakers are top-notch speakers. All things considered.  They sound quite clear and have good bass. And most importantly, they don't distort when your turn them up.

The Kappa 62.11i speakers feature the highest sensitivity rating of95 dB. They are sensitive enough that you can have them hooked up to a factory-installed stereo, but you'll get the best result feeding them plenty of power from a powerful aftermarket head unit or an external amplifier — up to 75 watts RMS.

All in all, the Infinity Kappa 62.11i speakers are an excellent upgrade to factory speakers.

Infinity Kappa 62.11I Specifications

  • Size : 6-1/2" & 6-3/4"
  • Design : 2-Way Coaxial
  • Sensitivity : 95 dB
  • Power Handling
    • RMS  :  75 watts
    • Peak : 225 watts
  • Frequency response :  45 - 25,000 Hz
  • Top-mount depth : 2-1/8"
  • Impedance : 2 ohm

If you're on the lookout for a budget-friendly pair of 6.5 component speakers, then Infinity Reference 6030cs is a great pair to consider.

As with all Infinity Reference coaxial speakers, Infinity uses over-sized rubber surrounds to increase woofer cone area up to 30 percent over the competing models of the same size. The result is increased bass output and higher efficiency.

Infinity Reference 6030cs woofer surround material provides optimum cone-edge suspension and absorbs distortions that may travel up the cone edge, adding stronger low-end.

 Infinity Reference 6030cs

Although all Reference speakers including the Reference 6030cs feature two ohm voice coils, they are compatible with virtually all factory and aftermarket stereos.

Smooth, crisp highs are a must in any high performance car audio system, that's the reason why Infinity equipped these speakers  with fully edge-driven dome tweeters, which allow for reduced distortion at high volume levels and superior integration with the mid/woofer.

These tweeters also feature a level control switch that you can use to fine-tune and adjust the brightness of the highs to your taste. For example if you have the tweeters mounted low in the doors or if you are looking for a brighter sound, you can set the tweeters at +3dB.

All things considered, the Infinity Reference 6030cs are some of the best 6.5" component system around for under $100.

Infinity Reference 6030cs Specifications

  • Size : 6-1/2" & 6-3/4"
  • Design : Component
  • Sensitivity : 93 dB
  • Power Handling
    • RMS  :  90 watts
    • Peak : 270 watts
  • Frequency response :  53 - 21,000 Hz
  • Top-mount depth : 2-1/16"
  • Impedance : 2 ohm

If you want something a little more sophisticated, and you are willing to shell out a few extra dollars, then the Kappa 60.11CS is a great option to consider. It's one of the best 6.5 component speakers on the market. All thing considered.

The Kappa 60.11CS are very sensitive speakers. So, you don't need a ton of power to drive them.

They are rated for a sensitivity rating of 93 dB and can handle a great deal of power - 90 watts on continuous basis.

So, whether your car has a low-powered sound system running off a decent factory-installed head unit, or a high-powered one driven by an outboard amp, the Kappa 60.11CS will make night and day difference.

Infinity Kappa 60.11CS

These speakers are very well-engineered. And if you are looking for sound clarity, these are the speakers to buy. However, just like any other Infinity speakers, the lack of deep, punchy bass is one the biggest complaint.

Infinity Kappa 60.11CS Specifications

  • Size : 6-1/2" & 6-3/4"
  • Design : 2-Way Coaxial
  • Sensitivity : 93 dB
  • Power Handling 
    • RMS  :  90 watts
    • Peak : 270 watts
  • Frequency response :  45 - 35,000 Hz
  • Top-mount depth : 2-1/8"
  • Impedance : 2 ohm

This is going to be the most expensive 6-1/2 coaxial car speakers that Infinity has to offer. The Infinity Kappa 62.9i speakers will fit both 6-1/2 and 6-3/4 opening.

They feature light, yet stiff woven glass-fiber woofer cones that won't flex or distort even under excessive use or at high volume level.

And just like the other Infinity speakers listed here, the Infinity Kappa 62.9i speakers also feature the plus one design which offers a large cone surface area, resulting in an enhanced low-frequency output and efficiency.

Infinity Kappa 62.9i

The Infinity Kappa 62.9i speakers are fitted with Metal Matrix Diaphragm tweeters which can also be found in many of Infinity's popular home speakers, so you'll hear the music the way it's intended to be heard.

You can swivel these dome tweeters and adjust them to broadcast towards your driving position for better stereo imaging.

The Infinity Kappa 62.9i are awesome speakers. But let's just get one thing clear.

Despite their high sensitivity rating of 95 dB which allows for pairing them up to almost any head unit out there, these speakers can handle a great deal of power, therefore, if you are looking for sound clarity with a little kick in bass, hook them up to a powerful outboard amplifier.

They will not rattle your windows or compress your chest but they have a lot of bass for 6.5" speakers.

Infinity Kappa 62.9i Specifications

  • Size : 6-1/2" & 6-3/4"
  • Design : 2-Way Coaxial
  • Sensitivity : 95 dB
  • Power Handling
    • RMS  :  75 watts
    • Peak : 225 watts
  • Frequency response :  45 - 25,000 Hz
  • Top-mount depth : 2-3/8"
  • Impedance : 2 ohm

General Thoughts on Infinity Car Speakers

Infinity has been in business for quite a long time — 47 years to be exact. They've mastered it all... the quality, the design and most importantly the pricing which can't be beat!. However, like with any brand, there are hits and misses. For the most part we have loved most of the Infinity car speakers.

If I had to pick some criticisms for Infinity car speakers, I’d have to say that they're a bit lagging behind the competition in terms of bass.

Additionally, and while most car speakers can reach as low as 30 Hz, we've found that many infinity speakers can not handle deep low frequencies below 45 Hz. However, when it comes to mids and highs, that's where these speakers really shine. You'll hear what you have been missing with factory speakers.

With that being said, and although we consider infinity car speakers to be great products and we do recommend them, we also recommend you opt for a pair of speakers with decent bass, particularly if you're listening to heavy bass music, and have no intention of adding a subwoofer to your sound system.

Otherwise, if you already have a subwoofer in place, or if you intend to add one later, then a pair of infinity car speakers with their crisp mids and bright highs would be a great option.

Infinity car speakers feature high sensitivity rating and can handle a great deal of power.

So, they'll work quite well running off of your factory head unit, but if you want to bring out their full potential hook them up to a powerful aftermarket head unit or an outboard amplifier. Bear in mind to match your head unit or amp power output to the speaker's RMS you're about to purchase.

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