Cerwin – Vega VPAS10 Subwoofer Review

If you’re looking to improve your car’s default audio system and add some bass without compromising the amount of space your car has left, you might want to consider having an under seat subwoofer installed. One in particular we’ve looked at is the Cerwin - Vega VPAS10 Subwoofer  

Just as the name suggests, under seat subwoofers are installed in a convenient place –   underneath your seats. Not to mention, most come with a built-in amplifier and feature compact bodies. This means that they’re rather versatile and easy to install in your car. Also, because there’s no need to shop for separate stuff anymore, it’d be relatively easy to wire under seat subwoofers.   

With that said, we decided to review one of the best under seat subs available today -- the Cerwin - Vega VPAS10  

Featuring an even more compact design compared to other under-seat subs - the ​Cerwin - Vega VPAS10 is capable of putting out powerful and deep bass. It also comes with a number of adjustment settings that allow you to customize your audio further for an even better listening experience.  

What Makes the Cerwin - Vega VPAS10 So Good? 

  • Compact Design 

  • Measuring just 34.5 cm X 24.5 cm X 6.5 cm (L X W X H), the VPAS10’s compact size and design makes it relatively easy to install inside pretty much any car. In fact, you won’t have a hard time fitting this under seat sub in tighter areas where other subs will struggle to fit in . 

  • 200 Watts RMS and 450 Watts Peak Power 

  • 200 watts RMS (at 2 ohms) might not sound like much, but when you consider just how compact the Cerwin - Vega VPAS10 is , you’d be wondering how Cerwin-Vega was able to achieve this. This is especially after you see that the VPAS10 has as much as 450 Watts of peak power.  

     Another added benefit of this is that you can place the ​Cerwin - Vega VPAS10 in a variety of areas inside your car without compromising  sound and bass quality.   

    Cerwin - Vega VPAS10
  • Adjustable Bass Boost 

  • Among the numerous customization options of the Cerwin - Vega VPAS10 is the adjustable bass boost. Because it ranges from 0 to 12 dB, the bass boost effectively lets you control the strength and depth of the bass. In addition to this, you can also make input tweaks via the adjustable input sensitivity feature of the Cerwin - Vega VPAS10.  

  • Thermal Protection 

  • The MOSFET power supply of the Cerwin - Vega VPAS10 was fitted with a thermal protection circuit. This means that the VPAS10 won’t cause further damage to itself If in case , the temperature exceeds normal operating temperatures. Also, because it has a cast aluminum body, the Cerwin - Vega VPAS10 is able to dissipate heat further, making fluctuation temperatures less likely to affect it.  

  • Remote Control 

  • You can customize the audio settings of the VPAS10 using the remote control. But perhaps the best function of Cerwin -  Vega VPAS10 is the “delayed turn on” function. This basically lets you start the subwoofer slowly. Because of this, the listeners won’t feel themselves as shocked as the bass comes gradually.  

  • High-Level Input Support 

  • The Cerwin - Vega VPAS10 subwoofer is capable of supporting high level types of inputs. It comes with multitudes of audio inputs and outputs, as well as RCA plugins. This is in addition to bass EQ settings.  


    • The compact and tight design makes this subwoofer an easy fit in cramped and small spaces
    • Powerful and gradual output, with adjustable bass boost and sensitivity settings 
    • Thermal protection circuit 


    • Low-frequency response 
    • Not exactly the most affordable compact subwoofer on the market 


    The Cerwin - Vega VPAS10 subwoofer is not, by any means, a perfect product. The built-in amplifier leaves a lot to be desired.  Because it can only go as low as 85Hz, you won’t be able to feel anything that’s much lower than mid-bass range. But for most people, this is an easy compromise to make, especially when you consider just how compact the design of the Cerwin - Vega VPAS10 is.   

    The Cerwin - Vega VPAS10 is simple and easy setup. It also doesn’t take too much space. The 200 Watts RMS power at 2 ohms, and 450 Watts of peak power, help guarantee that, despite its small stature, the VPAS10 can deliver punchy bass that even audio enthusiasts will appreciate it. This is especially because you can get away with placing the Cerwin - Vega VPAS10 pretty much anywhere inside your car.  

    All in all, the Cerwin - Vega VPAS10 isn’t the under-seat subwoofer we recommend if you’re looking for the best bass performance possible. However, if you’re willing to make the performance trade-off to get a reliable product that’s easy to configure and install, the Cerwin - Vega VPAS10 is well worth the asking price.  

    Last update on 2020-12-04 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API