Top 5 Best Tweeters 2019

When building or upgrading your car audio system, a great woofer and speaker are not enough, you need to include tweeters to truly appreciate those sweet high notes.

This is because audio is broken into different frequency ranges, and to fully enjoy them, you need different speakers: woofers for the low frequencies, speakers for mid-range frequencies, and tweeters for the higher frequencies.

But installing the wrong set of tweeters can significantly alter sound quality. So how can you make the right choice?

Best Car Tweeter

Depends on your system and sound preferences.

Tweeters are made from different materials and shapes, and they deliver various power, and range, which means that not all tweeters will work for every audio system.

These high-efficiency tweeters make the top the list because of the sound it delivers, efficiency and power handling all at a great price.

The TS-B350 Pro has materials and performance above other tweeters in is class. They are built with a titanium diaphragm and aluminum chassis and feature aggressive magnets and motor assemblies that produce a wide range of frequencies up to 250 watts RMS.

Pioneer TS-B350PRO Tweeter

Pioneer delivers a record-breaking sensitivity of 100 dB, 4- ohm impedance and a wide frequency response that goes up to 27000 Hz. They are designed for users that enjoy big tweeters with exceptional loudness.

Of all the tweeters reviewed these Pioneer tweeters deliver the best value considering power handling and efficiency. They are also flexible, even though they work best with high-power systems thanks to their outstanding sensitivity they are also suitable for low powered systems.


  • Great Price, super affordable
  • Sturdy and durable materials
  • Bigger than other tweeters in the market
  • Super efficient and high power handling


  • Difficult to install, may need professional help
  • Works optimally best with a higher power input
Pioneer TS-B350PRO 3-1/2" High...
  • In-line crossover filter Aggressive magnet structure Surface mountable design

This set of two JBL tweeters are a popular pick.

They are versatile and can be added to almost any system.

They have a soft dome design, can handle up to 135 watts of peak power, and have a 3-ohm impedance.

They are easy to install, have a fixed mounting and a carbon-magnetic basket that maintains precision under demanding conditions.

JBL GTO19T Tweeter

These tweeters produce smooth and crisp high notes and generate heat dissipation and higher handling thanks to its soft dome and oversized coils that drive higher power and enhance heat dissipation that prevents heat build-up and the speaker's performance.

They are also machined to high precision so you do not have to worry about reverberation during high volumes.


  • Price vs Perfomance
  • Excellent Sound Quality
  • Super Durable Despite Small Size
  • Compatible Across Multiple Car Types


  • Not too high at max volume
  • The Speaker and Housing are fused together
  • Not very customizable
JBL GTO19T Premium 0.75-Inch...
  • Soft-dome tweeter features oversized voice coils for greater heat dissipation and higher power handling resulting in smooth, fatigue free highs
  • Carbon-composite, nonmagnetic baskets maintain their integrity and precision even under the most demanding conditions
  • Low-impedance, three-ohm speakers compensate for the undersized wires found in many of today's cars, and make the most of every watt your car stereo can deliver

These Alpine tweeters, that are also included with Alpine’s Type S Component Speakers, are available as a separate component to enhance any audio system.

The 1-inch silk dome pair of tweeters are designed for high-frequency range and high efficiency.

With a sensitivity of 88 dB, an impedance of 4-ohms, a frequency response of up to 21KHZ, and a 300 watts peak power, these pair of tweeters will deliver great crisp sound that can be heard at high volume without distortion.

Alpine SPS-110 Silk Dome Tweeters

The size of the tweeters, stealth OEM mount, and a ¾ deep flush mount result in easy installation, and you can fit them almost anywhere!


  • In-Line 12dB/Octave High-Pass Crossover Filters
  • Removable Logo - Easily Customizable
  • Power Handling @ 100 W RMS and 300 W Peak


  • Doesn't Include Surface Mount Hardware
  • Lack of Range
  • Large crossover might be hard to route through 
Alpine SPS-110TW 1" Silk Dome Car...
  • 300W Max
  • 100W RMS
  • Pure Silk Soft Dome Construction
  • 4 ohms Impedance
  • In-Line 12dB/Octave Crossover

Rockford Fosgate’s delivers its traditional quality and sound with these 1 in tweeters that feature a ½ in lightweight mylar dome tweeters for high sensitivity and smooth and extended frequency response.

With a power handling peak of 160 watts per set (80 watts on each side) these tweeters will deliver loud and clear sound.

The R1T-S has a frequency response of 2500-22000z and 80W RMS, 4-ohm nominal impedance, and their built-in passive crossovers ( 6dB/octave HP) result in higher quality, distortion-free audio.

Rockford Fosgate Prime R1T-S 1-Inch Tweeter Kit

These speakers are easy to install they have multiple mounting options and come with a flush, angle, and surface mount hardware, so you can virtually install them anywhere.


  • CEA-2031 Compliant Speaker System
  • Lightweight Film Material for low powered stereos
  • Features lightweight Mylar dome for low distortion material for faultless high frequency production


  • Lower Sensitivity at 72 dB
  • Some report sounds can be a bit too high pitched
  • Not recommended for super amplified systems
Rockford Fosgate Prime R1T-S 1-Inch...
  • 1/2" (13mm) Mylar balanced dome tweeter multiple mounding configurations: flush-surface-angle
  • One-inch tweeter kit with 80 watts maximum power handling
  • 1/2-inch Mylar balanced dome tweeter
  • One-inch tweeter kit with 80 watts maximum power handling
  • 1/2-inch mylar balanced dome tweeter

These aluminum super bullet tweeters will deliver powerful and fuller sound at any volume for an amazing price.

The PRO-TW120 are made of aluminum for power and durability.

They feature 200 watts RMS and 300 watts max power and a built-in capacity filter.

They have a nominal impedance of 4 -ohms, provides powerful and clear sound with a frequency response of 2Khz- 20Khz and a sensitivity of 103 dB that results in clear and deep sound.

DS18 PRO-TW120 Aluminum Super Bullet Tweeter

Thanks to its high-quality materials these tweeters produce loud and full sound even though they do not have the highest frequency range.


  • Budget Pricing
  • High Power Handling
  • High Quality Materials


  • Lower frequency range compared to similar ones
  • Fairly Heavy for a small tweeter
DS18 PRO-TW120 Super Tweeter in...
  • TOP OF THE LINE TWEETERS - Professional grade super tweeters that can handle high frequencies with ease. DS18 meticulously designed these tweeters to sound as good as they look.
  • POWER YOU CAN COUNT ON - PRO-TW120 ferrite tweeter delivers out-of-this-world power, at 200 watts RMS and 300 watts Max at 4 ohms with build in capacitor filter.
  • HIGH-QUALITY ALUMINUM FRAME AND DIAPHRAGM - If you like your highs crisp, bright, and loud, aluminum tweeters are exactly what you need. It's light, strong, and produces a bright sound at high frequencies.
  • TAKE YOUR SYSTEM TO THE NEXT LEVEL - Get the most out of your system by upgrading to a super tweeter that gives you everything you're missing from your stock stereo. Discover what a high-end tweeter can do for you.
  • 1" SUPER BULLET TWEETERS - Specifically designed Bullet dust cover to protect the voice coil and ensure that the highs cut through road noise and big bass.

Car Tweeters Buying Guide


Tweeters can be made out of soft, synthetic or hard materials, and each one has a different effect on sound quality and durability.

For moderate volumes and refined sound, you should choose soft materials like silk and poly. These materials are recommended for vehicles with mostly hard plastic interiors and for users that that don’t experience a lot of road noise.

Hard materials like ceramic, graphite, and metals are more durable and are perfect for higher volumes and stronger brighter sound. These are great for road noise and for users that enjoy a big bass or driving with their windows down.

If you are looking for lightweight tweeters that require less power to operate your best bet are those made with Mylar, pet, and other synthetic materials. These are resistant to humidity and a great choice for low power systems.


Tweeters are smaller than other speakers and come in different shapes. You can find tweeters with cone designs, semi-domes, domes, or inverted dome designs.

Cone tweeters are commonly used in factory speakers because they are cheaper to fabricate. They don't spread sound as widely as other designs and do not reproduce sound accurately.

Semi-domes tweeters are used in most low-cost speakers and allow for softer and less rigid materials while taking less mounting space.

Dome shape tweeters allow a wider dispersion pattern and are highly recommended for costume systems. They disperse sound more effectively. The bigger domes require more power to work properly.

Inverted dome design tweeters can improve sound, efficiency, and control thanks to their dome that sits upside down instead of protruding upwards.

Power Handling and Frequency 

When we talk about power handling we refer to how much energy our speakers can handle, more power means more volume.

Recommended tweeters have a power range of at least 40- 50 watts, but if you like loud powerful sound and your system can handle it always choose tweeters with higher RMS (RMS refers to how much power tweeters can handle on average).

Frequency refers to vibration. Since tweeters are designed to enhance high-frequency notes, it is important that they have a wide range. Look for tweeters that have a frequency range of at least 2,000-20,000 Hz.

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