Best Kenwood Car Stereo Head Unit Reviews

Best Kenwood Car Stereo ReviewsWe’ve included a ton of Kenwood car stereos in our reviews. We thought it was time to introduce you guys to the brand’s best car stereos.

Kenwood is a leading developer and manufacturer of consumer audio electronics and communications equipment. Founded in 1946 in Japan, Kenwood is recognized by consumers and industry professionals for providing top-notch products known for quality, performance, and reliability.

Kenwood is one of the best car stereo brands out there. Kenwood offers a wide range of car audio components including speakers, amplifiers and car receivers of various types.

To help you an informed buying decision, we did the research so you don’t have to. We’ve distilled the best kenwood car stereos available on the market. We realize that you fellas have different tastes, needs, and preferences. So, please have a look at our recommendations from Kenwood.

Any of these car stereos would be a great buy. Much of it comes down to personal preference. However, like with any product, you can get some really, really great car stereos if you’re willing to shell out some serious dough, but there really are great products in every price range.

Best Kenwood Car Stereo Reviews

Kenwood KDC-X998 Review

Kenwood KDC-X998 reviewThe KDC-X998 is one of the best single DIN head units that Kenwood to offer – all things considered. Kenwood Excelon car stereos are all about sound quality. These receivers are very well-engineered, and everything about them is top-notch from the design and features to sound quality. Long story short, they’re made to perform.

If I had to pick some criticisms for Excelon car receivers, it would be just the price. These pieces of art have a steep price tag. However, something this good is naturally expensive.

The KDC-X998 comes with a wide array of functions and features including Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free calling and wireless music streaming, HD radio, Pandora, iHeart Radio and Aha control, SiriusXM …etc. It also has a front-panel auxiliary input and dual (front & rear) USB ports.

As for audio features, this head unit is fitted with 13-band graphical equalizer and bass management functionality. Speaking of bass, the KDC-X998 comes with 3-level bass boost as well as subwoofer level and phase control. No to mention digital time alignment and sound management system.

The KDC-X998 features a multi-line LCD display with variable color illumination. This 3-line display can be switched to a 2-line format with a larger font that makes it easier for you to read phone numbers, song titles, and source data.

Kenwood DDX9702S Review

Kenwood DDX9902S reviewThis is what you can get if you’re willing to shell out some serious dough. It’s one of the best Kenwood touch screen car stereos. It’s going to be the most expensive pick of the lot by far.

Kenwood offers a wide range of touch screen car stereos, with the DDX9702S being at the top of the pile. If you want to go balls-to-the-wall and actually purchase one of these works of art, you’ll be looking at a $200-$600 price tag – it all boils down to a simple fact: the more features you want, the more cash you’ll need to shell out.

The DDX9702S touch screen head unit features 7 inch wide VGA color LCD display with LED backlight and variable color illumination. It packs in a huge list of features and entertainment options.

Whether you’re an Iphone or Android user, the DDX9702S has built-in Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ functionality, so you can get your smartphone involved in the act. That said, you can interact with your apps using the big 7″ touchscreen display, or you can use the rear HDMI/MHL input to mirror your smartphone’s display. The DDX9702S also features a built-in HD Radio™ tuner, an optional satellite radio tuner (SiriusXM), Pandora and iHeartRadio control with iPhone and Android as well as Siri Eyes Free control for iPhones. Kenwood rounds out this head unit with built-in Bluetooth® connectivity for hands-free calling and wireless music streaming, rear USB and auxiliary inputs, as well as immersive sound-shaping controls to get the most out of your music.

The only downside we can reasonably think of is the price. The DDX9702S has a fairly steep price tag. However, it’s very well-engineered, and and it really earns its keep.

Kenwood DPX501BT Review

Best Kenwood DPX501BT 2-DIN car stereoThis is one of Kenwood’s best selling double DIN head units. This budget-friendly double DIN head unit is really well-conceived. It’s designed with the driver in mind. It features 13-digit variable-color display with big buttons and an oversized knob to give you easy access to all receiver functions.

The Kenwood DPX501BT boasts a wide collection of features including Bluetooth connectivity, built-in Android AOA 2.0 control, Pandora and iHeartRadio control with iPhone and Android as well as direct control over a connected iPod or iPhone.

As for audio features, this CD receiver is fitted with 3-band parametric equalizer with 8 preset EQ curves, as well as bass Boost and loudness controls. Speaking of bass and loudness, you can use the three sets of preamp outputs to expand your car audio system with additional amps or a subwoofer.

The Kenwood DPX501BT also has subwoofer level controls, and high and low-pass filter controls.

As for the downsides, it’s really difficult to think of any. If anything, I’d say that the display of this receiver can be a bit hard to see in bright light. So, if you decide to go for this head unit, try setting it to custom R/G/B and bump each color up to the maximum setting.

Kenwood KVT7012BT Review

Kenwood KVT7012BT ReviewIf you’re wanting to add a touch screen car stereo to your dashboard but your vehicle’s dash isn’t made to accommodate a double DIN stereo, then Kenwood KVT7012BT is for you. It’s a single din head unit with a motorized, retractable 6.95″ touch screen.

At first glance, the KVT7012BT looks pretty similar to any single DIN head unit, however, it’s a flip out car stereos. This means, it’s equipped with a motorized touch screen that’s designed to slide out of the head unit and flip up to be viewed with a single push of a button.

The KVT7012BT is the only flip out head unit that Kenwood has to offer.The design of this flip up car stereo is bare-bones, but not to a fault; it doesn’t try to over-impress you with fancy buttons, menus or luxuriant flourishes.

The Kenwood KVT7012BT comes with all bells and whistles you could expect including Bluetooth connectivity, true mirror technology with the HDMI/MHL input, DVD/CD playback, a rear USB port, and two audio/video inputs which provide lots of ways to connect your music and video to keep your passengers happy. Not to mention Pandora, iHeartRadio, and AUPEO! control with iPhone and Android.

You can tweak Kenwood KVT7012BT’ 5-band parametric equalizer until you hit that sweet musical spot. Additionally, You can go a step further using Kenwood’s crossover adjustments to refine your sound by tweaking the crossover points for both speaker-level and preamp-level outputs.

This head unit also comes with rear video RCA output that you can use to feed additional screens for rear-seat passengers, as well as an input for a backup camera.