Best Class D Amplifier in 2019

Class D amplifiers have recently increased in popularity.

But why?

Because they solve three traditional problems with amps:
large size, overheating and short battery life.

Here’s how:

Class D amplifiers are compact, more efficient and more powerful than the traditional Class A/B amps.

This is because they convert the input analog signal into a pulse width modulated (PWM) waveform.

This allows them to switch from on to off very quickly improving efficiency and producing less heat.

Class D amps have an efficiency of about 90% while Class A/B amps have an efficiency of 50% -70%. This difference allows for a smaller size and longer battery life.

Even though Class D amps have been traditionally used for subwoofers, the size and power benefits of this technology have made them more and more popular.

So if you are ready to enjoy more trunk space and to say goodbye to overheated amps you should definitely make the change.

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For delivering a great punch while not breaking the bank, this CEA-2006 compliant amplifier that has a MOSFET power supply, wired remote Punch Level Control, and a frequency response range that goes comfortably from 20 Hz to 250 Hz is my number 1 pick!

It delivers everything it promises, 500 watts RMS, it is reliable and easy to install. You get Rockford Fosgate’s famous Punch Boost that combines power and a compact package.

Power phase switch drives your subwoofer and speakers at the same time that you are able to hook up the amp to any system thanks to its speaker level inputs.

Rockford Fosgate R500X1D Amplifier

The Rockford Fosgate R500X1D is our number 1 pick because it delivers a small package that balances above average performance at an amazing price!


  • Price/performance ratio
  • Small and compact
  • Easy installation
  • Thermal sensing technology so it emits less heat
  • Energy efficient – CEA-2006 compliant
  • Remote Punch Control that reduces current consumption


  • Problems with not being able to set up correctly because the system gets stuck in “Protection Mode”
  • It may not be compatible with all car chassis so check this before purchase

This small amp- 40% smaller than previous models- has 4 channels that can deliver 50 watts RMS to your car speakers.

The Alpine MRV-F300 is versatile and can be used in 3 channel mode powering your subwoofer with 150 watts at the same time that it delivers 50 watts to your pair of speakers, or If you only use it for your bass, the 2-channel mode can send 150 watts to each subwoofer.

This Alpine amp uses Enhance Shutdown Performance technology, that rolls back output instead of shutting down completely when there is a threat of overheat, so you can continue playing your music while it cools down!

Alpine MRV-F300  Class D Amp

Alpine that is known for their premium car audio products presents us with a great sounding powerful and versatile amp that fits in most stereo systems while still being pretty affordable.


  • 4 channels that allow versatility
  • Lightweight
  • Small size, fits with any stereo system
  • Thermal protection
  • Preamp and speaker-level inputs that allow installation in most vehicles


  • Poor Bass EQ functionality poor and boost only available on channels 3-4.
  • Difficulty to fit 4 gauge wire because of closed power terminals
  • Mounting tabs stick out and face inward rather than outward


Pioneer offers a small and versatile amp that delivers a cool 1,600 Watts of power and can deliver 500W to a 2 ohms speaker and up to 300W to 4 ohms.

With a built-in digital amplifier circuit, it can efficiently sense internal temperature and automatically moderate the input level.

This price friendly amp has all the features of high-quality counterparts: Variable LPF for greater audio flexibility, Speaker line Input Sensor, Multi-block Terminal to connect up to 4 subs allowing high-power audio output and Bass Boost Remote for optimal bass level adjustment.

Pioneer GM-D8601 Class D Amplifier

Furthermore, the amp comes with Pioneers new digital amplifier circuit “Protection Control System” that senses internal temperature and automatically moderates input level.


  • Lightweight
  • Great price
  • Compatible with any OEM plug-in units, no adapters needed
  • Wired bass boost remote control
  • It can be installed in any car chassis


  • System turning on due to sensitive low-level input

With a sleek minimalistic aluminum design, this super-efficient high-performance amp has high-speed MOSFET switching that delivers at 4 ohms 500W at 2 ohms 800W and 1200W at 1 ohm.

This CEA-2006 certified amp comes with a wired remote bass level control for convenience and dual speaker terminals for multiple speakers.

Polk Audio PA D1000.1 Class D Amp

For a class D Amp, the Polk Audio PA D1000.1 is an excellent choice. The amp has Thermal, DC Offset, Reverse Polarity, and Short Circuit Protection and is made of stainless steel and nickel-plated wire terminals and RCA connectors that ensure maximum signal transfer.

This ultra-thin amp with a height of 2 inches and mounting convenience will fit almost any sound system and vehicle. If you are not on a budget and want a high-quality amp for an intermediate price, Polk Audio is a great pick.


  • Level control that channel gain to match output voltage from the head unit
  • Live level outputs that provide easy connection to additional amplifiers
  • Marine certified so you can also install in a boat


  • Can go unexpectedly into protection mode

With a peak power promise of 4000 Watts, this amp delivers amazing sound for an incredibly low price.

It comes with an optimized circuit layout for clear sound quality and advanced features with trusted reliable performance.

It does not have all the features of other amps that run at a higher price, but users report strong and clear sound while not overheating.

Its amazingly low price and high-performance reviews landed the Ignite Audio amplifier on the list.

Ignite Audio MonoBlock Class D Car Amplifier

It is a great amp for anyone that is starting to build a sound system and on a budget, definitely worth a try!


  • Best price/review ratio
  • Total Harmonic Distortion
  • Low-level input sensitivity


  • Even though it promises 4000 Watts of peak power, reviews show that it can deliver: RMS Power at 1 ohm: 750 Watts x 1 RMS Power Handling, at 2 ohms: 530 Watts x 1/ RMS Power Handling and 4 ohms: 300 Watts x 1, which is still great for under $100!

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