Best Cheap Car Speakers

Shopping for the best car speakers is a pretty daunting task. The sheer number of speakers available online or in the electronic stores is enough to make your mind spin.

When it’s time to buy a new pair of speakers for your vehicle and desperation comes calling, all other priorities peel away, leaving price alone to govern the decision. But simply buying the cheapest car speakers isn’t necessarily the cheapest route. Car Speakers are a bit of a mixed bag. To that end, we went in search of the answer to an important question: What is the cheapest sounding car speakers to buy? Sound quality is an obvious consideration, but reliability can’t be ignored, either.

Reviews of the 5 Best Cheap Car Speakers 

1. Pioneer - TS-G1644R Review

If you frequent any of the popular car audio forums, you’ll notice that the name Pioneer comes up quite a bit. Their products just seem to hit the sweet spot for a lot of guys.

Pioneer is one of our most-reviewed car speaker brands. They're a company known for their high-quality products that are reasonably priced. We have reviewed a ton of Pioneer speakers and head units on this site before. We are completely enamored with the brand's legendary craftsmanship, masterpieces and intense attention to details.

Pioneer - TS-G1644R

Pioneer car speakers come at lots of different price points. The pair of speakers linked to above is about $30, which is very reasonable for anyone looking for a solid pair of speakers that doesn’t break that bank.

Pioneer TS-G1644R speakers are 6.5 in size, but they can also fit 6-3/4" openings using the included mounting tabs. They feature the widest frequency range among all cheap speakers we reviewed, and they're rated for a sensitivity rating of 91dB.

The TS-G1644R 6-1/2" speakers are equipped with nimble polypropylene woofer cones that offer plenty of punch, along with film balanced dome tweeters that'll really brighten up the sound in your car.

All in all, the TS-G1644R are the best cheap car speakers on the market. If you're on a tight-budget and looking for a great pair of affordably-priced speakers to replace the old factoy speakers in your vehicle, then Pioneer TS-G1644R are excellent choices.

If I had to pick some criticisms for the TS-G1644R, I'd have to say that they're a bit lacking when it comes to power handling - particularly RMS. That said, they'll make an excellent addition to a low powered audio systems.

  • Size : 6-1/2" and 6-3/4"
  • Design :  2-way
  • Power range
    • RMS  : 40 watts
    • Peak : 250 watts
  • Sensitivity : 90 dB
  • Frequency response : 31-29,000 Hz

Rockford Fosgate Prime series speakers come at various sizes. They are some of the best selling car speakers on the market (the Prime series speakers in particular seems to be well-liked). And that's no coincidence. These speakers are very well-engineered and are affordably-priced. Their prices range from $29 to $42 depending on size.

Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Prime speakers are simple – they are practically simplicity personified. The design is bare-bones, but not to a fault; it doesn't try to over-impress you with stylish and fancy grilles or shiny look.

Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Car Stereo

The R165X3 speakers are 6.5 in size, but they will also fit in 6-3/4" openings. These speakers deliver a well-balanced and refined sound output free of distortion. They are equipped with stiff polypropylene woofer cones that deliver strong drums and bass. The silk dome tweeter and piezo supertweeter on the other hand add the excitement of bright high-frequency response to your music without a trace of harshness.

Additionally, the built-in crossover routes the frequencies to the proper driver, so your music sounds well-balanced.

If I had to pick any cons, it would be the frequency range. What I mean is that these speakers don't hit as low as some of the other speakers we reviewed.

  • Size : 6-1/2" and 6-3/4"
  • Design :  3-Way
  • Power range
    • RMS  : 45 watts
    • Peak : 90 watts
  • Sensitivity : 91 dB
  • Frequency response : 52 - 20,000 Hz

Pyle PL63BL are one of the cheapest car speakers on the market. They are really popular. At most retailers, this pair of speakers can be found for under $30. That is a major bargain. However, these speakers would be a great cheap replacement for your old factory speakers.

Pyle PL63BL speakers are available in most sizes (4", 5.25, 6x9, 6x8, 6.5, ...etc) and designs (2-way, 3-way, 4-way ...etc). They are above par speakers built with low-cost materials to keep the cost down.

The Poly injected speaker woofer cones will produce a warm natural sound which will naturally roll off into the subtle presence of soft frequencies produced by the tweeter. The supertweeter made of Piezo completes the overall sound by introducing a super-high frequency spectrum that's blended into the rest of the sound, which results in a relatively balanced sound output at a very reasonable price.

Pyle - PL63BL Car Speakers

The only downside is that these speakers are a bit lacking in terms of low frequencies reproduction (bass). They also tend to distort at high volume levels.However, they are still a good stock speakers replacement. We believe that for the price, you really can't get too much better.

  • Size : 6-1/2"
  • Design :  3-Way
  • Power range
    • RMS  : 90 watts
    • Peak : 180 watts
  • Sensitivity : 89 dB
  • Frequency response : 90 - 20,000 Hz
  • Impedance   : 4 ohms

Boss Audio Systems CH6530 is going to be the cheapest pick of the lot by far. If you are wanting to keep your pair of speakers under $20, we can’t think of a better option for a pair of speakers than the CH6530.

They are not Bose, Sony, Kicker or JL Audio, they are 18 Dollar Boss speakers. You get what you pay. Don't get me wrong here. They are a large improvement over stock speakers. For less than $20, it's by far a great value for most folks.

The CH6530 is a 3-way speaker pair that can handle up to 150 Watts on continuous basis. It has a frequency response of 100 Hz-18 kHz, and it's rated a sensitivity rating of 90dB.

Boss Audio Systems CH6530 Car Speakers

The CH6530 speakers are quite loud and sound clear, but they lack much bass you'd usually hear with high-end speakers.

If I had to pick any cons, it would be the bass. To put it simply, you don't want to buy these speakers if you are a basshead.

  • Size : 6-1/2"
  • Design :  3-Way
  • Power range
    • RMS  : 75 watts
    • Peak : 150 watts
  • Sensitivity : 90 dB
  • Frequency response : 100-18,000 Hz
  • Impedance   : 4 ohms