What are the Best Car Speaker Brands?

With so many options available, picking the right pair of speakers can prove awfully difficult. How do you know you'll end up with a reliable model? Or one that will last you for years and years without feeling the need to replace them with a new and modern option? While you can't predict the future, you can use information from the past to make an informed decision.

We're here to help. The most important question we try to answer at StereoChamp.com is the following: "What speakers should I buy?" or "What are the best car speakers for me ?" It's a question with many facets and tons of possible answers. But, often, a good place to start is to decide which brand deserves your hard-earned bucks.

Luckily for you, we did the research so you don't have to, we examined all the biggest car speaker makers, took a hard look at speakers build quality, sound quality, price, and other criteria, and we figured out a few examples that make up the best car speaker brands of 2020.

So, without further ado, onto the list…

Best Car Speakers Brands

Disclaimer on Our Best Car Speaker Brands

This is not by any means a comprehensive list. There are tons and tons of great speakers out there. However, we did want to give you a few good options. These brands represent different price points, designs and configurations. With any luck, you’ll find something that works for your car and fits within your budget.

If we missed a car audio brand you love, let us know in the comments!

Pioneer A Series Speakers

Pioneer once again smoked the competition in the speakers, subwoofers, and head units categories, winning high praise from customers in all reliability and sound quality categories. Pioneer did so well that virtually all its scores were above average.

Pioneer does make the highest quality speakers out there. They have speakers for almost every application. Whether you're looking for 6.5 , 6x8, 6x9 or 5.25 speakers, you name it, Pioneer has you covered.

They have some amazing prices and there are so many speakers of different sizes and configurations in their arsenal.

We're quite fond of their A series of speakers. They are the best selling car speakers on the market, and that's no coincidence. They're very well-engineered and have a balanced sound output, and on top of everything else, they're budget-friendly speakers. We have come across a ton of you who have used and loved products from Pioneer.

Pioneer car speakers come in 3 different categories : the D-series, A-series, and G-series. They also offer marine speakers as well as special application speakers.

  • D-series : These speakers are the least expensive , However they're still excellent , high quality speakers. The D-series Speakers are the world’s first speakers to incorporate Basalt volcanic rock fibers into the cone for crisp, distortion free sound.
  • A-series : The A-series speakers are the best car speakers for bass that Pioneer has to offer. They are the most suitable speakers for those of you who listen to bass heavy tracks. These speakers can deliver decent bass but not that of a subwoofer. Granted, a speaker isn't a subwoofer.A-series speakers are equipped with very sensitive tweeters for bright high frequencies. They also come with bigger cones and reinforced woofers which is the driver responsible for boosting bass output. A large woofer cone means more bass to complement the ultra-high frequency response. All in all, their sound output is quite balanced and well-refined.
  • G-series : Pioneer G-Series Speakers are a decent replacement for stock speakers. They're average speakers.

Polk Audio is one of the best car speaker brands that have amazing prices and a variety of different configurations for their speakers. They have been producing high quality, great sounding speakers that are accessible to everyone since 1975.

Polk Audio speakers can be recognized from far away. They have a very unique style. And that's what we love most about them. They're bold, modern speakers that aren't afraid to push the envelope. For example, check out this Polk Audio DB6501 with a stainless steel mounting hardware and muscular ABS grilles (seriously). These speakers will add a stylish touch to your car's interior.

Polk Audio DB Speakers

Polk Audio speakers come at lots of different price points.The pair of speakers linked to above is priced at about $60, which is a very reasonable price tag for anyone who's on the lookout for a solid pair of speakers that doesn’t break that bank. However,you can also find many Polk Audio speakers – particularly component speakers at higher price points – from $100 up into the $200 range. However, some of our favorites are less expensive (dB series).

Almost all Polk Audio car speakers (dB, DXi and MM series) are marine certified. Polk Audio marine certified car speakers were exposed to high temperature, salt solution and Ultra Violet tests. They were put under these grueling tests in order to to see how effectively they could stand up to a harsh marine environment. That said, you can mount them in various applications including boats of all types, off road vehicles, as well as in your car.

In terms of sound quality, Polk Audio speakers lets you literally feel your music. They boast some impressive specifications. With most speakers being rated between 88dB and 90dB, Polk Audio designed their speakers to be very sensitive. They are rated at 92dB (even higher in some models). Combine that with their high power handling ratings and you get speakers that can really rattle some eardrums.

All in all, Polk Audio in an undisputed king of speaker brands.Their speakers are designed and built with nothing but quality in mind.

Infinity Kappa 693.11i 6x9 Coaxial Speaker

Infinity® has been one of the leading loudspeaker brands, pioneering the world of recorded music and video since 1968. With Infinity® car speakers one can expect impressive, balanced sound output from their car audio systems. Infinity car speakers are globally famous for their excellent designs and best durability.

We have reviewed a ton of Infinity car speakers on this site before, and the story hasn't changed. Infinity produces a quality product for a great price. And With most of their speakers under $70, you can get a really decent pair.

Our only complaint was that these speakers are a bit lacking in terms of bass reproduction. They don't really hit as deep as some other speakers we reviewed. However, when it comes to high frequencies, that's where these babies really shine. With that said, if you're a bass-head, you can certainly sub these speakers out for another pair of your choosing. Despite this criticism, we've come a ton of you who have tried and loved Infinity speakers.

Infinity produces two major series of speakers, Reference and Kappa. We are pretty fond of the latter. Kappa series of speakers is their new version, they're a bit expensive, and are really well-made. If you've got a few extra bucks to spare,think about Infinity Kappa series. Otherwise, Reference speakers are also a good option for those of you who are on a very tight-budget.

Infinity speakers feature impressive specifications including high sensitivity rating and great power handling. They'll do quite well running of a stock head unit, but they'll really shine when driven by an aftermarket head unit or amplifier.

Kicker CS Series Speakers for Bass

Kicker is another decent car audio brand. There is a huge array of speakers of different sizes and configurations in their arsenal. And their prices are usually at a perfect balance. Some car speakers can cost up to a few hundred dollars. You can usually find a pair of kicker speakers for around $60. This stood out to us as not being too cheap, but not expensive either.

We're particularly fond of the CS and DS series. These speakers have a wide frequency range and that's what we love most about them. Their cones are made with polypropylene supported by heavy-duty polyester foam surrounds for intense bass.

The 2" poly dome midrange on the other hand brings out the depth and dimension of the instruments, while the 1/2" balanced dome tweeter puts out bright musical details, giving your music energy and ambiance.

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