What are the Best Automotive Sound Deadening Materials for Your Car?

Comfort is one thing that’s very important for most car owners. This is why most car owners spend hours researching the best and most comfortable car for them and their families. But the thing is, one thing that most car owners are so willing to compromise on is noise and sound insulation.

At the start, road noise is bearable. It’s probably even non-existent. However, as you get used to your car, you’ll notice that its insulation could use some work.

Once that happens, noise, whether it’s the sound of the engine or outside noise creeping inside, can distract you from having a comfortable and enjoyable ride. Thankfully though, this isn’t something that can’t be solved with a couple of simple steps.

For example, investing in the best automotive sound deadening materials for your car is a good start

What are the Best Automotive Sound Deadening Materials?

There’s a reason why Dynamat is pretty much synonymous with automotive sound deadening materials.

 But while most of Dynamat’s offerings are well worth the investment, the Dynamat Xtreme takes the cake.

Solving everything from rumbling engine noises to any sound coming from outside of your car, applying Dynamat Xtreme to the insides of your vehicle will boost its sound insulation properties significantly. 

Dynamat Xtreme Sound Deadener

But that’s not all. As an added benefit of doing so, you’ll get to enjoy your car’s speakers and subs that much better!

Compared to Dynamat’s earlier offerings, the Dynamat Xtreme is said to be four times more effective while being lighter.

Apply the Dynamat Xtreme to the top, sides, firewalls, and even floors. After you do that, you’ll see such a huge difference that you’ll start to wonder why you didn’t bother doing this in the first place! 

Product Features:

  • Aluminum-coated
  • Highly flexible
  • Lightweight


  • Easy installation process 
  • Manufactured by the most famous brand as far as sound-deadening materials go
  • Highly resistant to heat
  • Blocks out most if not all of the outside noise


  • Relatively high asking price

It’s hard to beat simple logic. This is true even in insulation. This is because thicker materials will almost always insulate better.

But the thing is, thick materials often compromise weight, making them heavier. For cars, this means a lower gas mileage, which is something that most car owners would want to avoid

Noico Sound Deadening Mat

Thankfully, the Noico Sound Deadening Mat is made out of a thick insulating material -- 80 mil nominal thickness -- but it just as lightweight than other leading products that are much thinner. Also because of its butyl composition and lightweight, these deadening mats are very easy to apply.

Product Features:

  • Butyl composition with self-adhesive
  • 80 mil nominal thickness
  • Lightweight 
Noico 80 mil 36 sqft car Sound...
  • The best price for 80 mil automotive butyl and foil sound deadening on Amazon! Noico 80 mil is just $ 1.77 per 1 sqft! You are not just buying an excellent quality product but also saving more than 20 % comparing to Gtmat, Boom Mat and Extreme! It turns out to be more cost-effective solution than such brands as Dynamat Xtreme, Hushmat and Stinger RoadKill as well!
  • Don't miss a chance to get an extra 50 % of the quality and efficiency for just 25 % of the price. Now the material is 1,5 times thicker that will get you 1,5 times more effective insulation. Noico 80 mil is 1,5 times better in comparison to sound deadening material of 50 mil and just 25 % more expensive. The thicker the material the more performance you get!
  • Automotive self-adhesive insulation consists of butyl. Noico sound deadening has a total weight of 0.7 lbs/1sqft. This weight ensures maximum efficiency and sound insulation that could be possibly gained from 80 mil thickness material. Noico 80 mil is full weighted sound deadening material!
  • Audio insulation Noico has a special indicator as to if it is installed correctly. The special embossing on the foil must be rolled out with a roller till it is plain smooth, then you'll be 100% sure that the insulation is set correctly and professionally! The sound dampening material comes in handy size sheets which make it easier in terms of cutting and installation process!
  • Sound deadening material specifications: Nominal thickness 80 mil; Total coverage area of 36 sq.feet; Number of sheets in the stack 9 (sheets are folded); Nominal sheet Size 29,5×19,5 inch. Roller is not included


  • Exceptional soundproofing qualities without the expected added weight that usually comes with thicker insulation
  • Installation is a synch
  • Can be applied to pretty much every area of your vehicle
  • Reasonably-priced 


  • The material feels and looks quite different compared to other sound-deadening materials on the market

From automotive application products, we go to something that’s designed, not just for cars, but also for homes and boats alike.

The Fatman Self-Adhesive Rattletrap Sound Deadener boasts an 80 mil thickness insulation material. This gives it one of the best insulation properties on the market.

Because of this, it’s the ideal solution for those who want to keep sound inside the four corners of their rooms or house, and any outside noise right where they belong -- outside.

FatMat Self-Adhesive Rattletrap Sound Deadener

Coated in heat-resistant aluminum, installing this sound deadener inside your car makes your more resistant to outside noise and heat at the same time

Product Features:

  • Comes with a complete set of tools, including install kit, knife, roller, as well as FatMat Sound Control Decal
  • 80 mil nominal thickness
  • Multiple applications and usage
FatMat Self-Adhesive Rattletrap...
  • Set of Five 18 inch wide x 40 inch long Sheets Self-Adhesive RattleTrap (25 Sq Ft Total) with Install Kit Consisting of Easy Instructions, Roller, Knife, and FatMat Sound Control Decal
  • 80 mil nominal thickness with Patented "Super-Stick" Adhesive
  • Sound Deadening Acoustical Insulation for automotive, trucks, homes, RV's, and marine
  • Hear more of the sound you want! Vibrational damper: reduces distortion, boosts bass. Uses range from personal enjoyment to extreme competitions such as dB Drag Racing.
  • Pliable, easy to cut, heat-resistant aluminum coating. Keep Sound In, Noise Out - A Sound Decision!


  • Installment kit is included
  • Pliable material
  • Built for all kinds of sound insulation purposes
  • Patented “Super-Stick” adhesive


  • Installation can be a problem
  • Strong-smelling

Although Hushmat isn’t a well-known manufacturer -- at least compared to Dynamat -- they make some excellent products. Their sound deadening pad, for example, is one of the best automotive sound deadening materials for your car available on the market.

The main reason why we recommended the Hushmat Dampening Pad is how it’s engineered to fit OEM specifications.

This means that, unlike other sound-deadening materials on the market, it should be much easier to install.

Many also attest to this fact, saying that the material is easy to wrap around, even in tighter areas.

Finally, because the Hushmat Dampening Pad is butyl-based, it’s very resistant to heat and can insulate as well. 

Hushmat Dampening Pad

In fact, it can reduce heat inside vehicles by as much as 40 percent! This is in addition to its main purpose, which is eliminating low-frequency resonant noises from entering your car. 

Product Features:

  • OEM specifications
  • Capable of withstanding both extreme cold and heat
  • Reduces heat by as much as 40 percent
  • Eliminates both vibration and road noise
HushMat 10200 Ultra Black Foil Door...
  • Eliminates road noise and vibration
  • Engineered to fit OEM specifications and is approved
  • Wraps easily around tight areas
  • Withstands temperature from minus 30 degree Fahrenheit to 400 degree Fahrenheit - Reduces heat up to 40 percent
  • 10 - 12" x 12" Sheets 4 Sq.Ft.


  • Black foil finish for a unique look 
  • Affordable 
  • Extremely easy to cook


  • You’ll need more than one pack to complete coverage for one average-sized car 

Most sound deadeners can insulate against heat well, but it’s only a byproduct of their sound insulation property. What makes the Thermo-Tec 14620 different is that it insulates against both sound and heat.

This is because of its 70 mil nominal thickness material (for sound) and polyethylene surface (for heat), which combine together to create a cooler and comfortable ride to users. 

Thermo-Tec 14620 Heat and Sound Suppressor

Product Features:

  • Polyethylene film surface
  • 70 mil nominal thickness
Thermo-Tec 14620 60" X 36" Heat and...
  • In addition to the polyethylene film the foil surface provides direct protection from radiant heat
  • Great for areas like firewalls, floorboards or doors
  • The Suppressor is also 70 mil in thickness, contains a high temperature adhesive backing and is easy to trim and fit


  • Insulates against both heat and sound
  • Can be applied to all major areas of any vehicle 
  • Sticks extremely well to surface


  •  Removal can be difficult
  • Constant exposure to extreme heat can cause the polyethylene surface to unglue

What are Automotive Sound Deadening Mats?

Automative sound deadening mats can be made out of a variety of materials and are purposely designed to help keep outside noise outside of vehicles and inside noise inside. However, as an added benefit of using automotive sound deadening mats, vehicles also insulate better against the heat and cold.

Depending on the material used, automative sound deadening mats can keep vehicles as much as 40% colder and/or warmer compared to before the mats were installed 

best automotive sound deadening material

What are the Benefits of a Automotive Sound Deadening Mat?

1. Reduced noise inside the vehicle

Sound insulation is one of the biggest problems of vehicles, especially older ones. This can significantly affect the driving experience and make it more tiring than it should be. This is because the noise can distract you as a driver, even if and when you listen to music to try and drown the noise out with your favourite tunes.

This is where a sound deadening mat comes in.

Installing best automotive sound deadening mats can help minimize if not eliminate any and all road noise. This includes rattling noises, especially when going through rough terrain, as well as engine noise, tire noise, exhaust noise, and pretty much any kind of noise from outside your vehicle. 

2. Improved audio performance

Sometimes, it’s not a better audio system that your car needs, it’s simply better sound insulation.

By installing best automotive sound deadening materials in your car, you inadvertently make your car speakers sound better. This is because your speakers are less likely to cancel each other out anymore. As a result, you’ll get better lows, mids, and highs. Or, to put simply, much better sound quality.

The resulting improvement in audio quality should make your daily drives so much better.

3. A more comfortable ride

Ride comfort isn’t just about how well your vehicle handles turns, bumps, and speed. It’s also about how comfortable the temperature inside your car is. Although most best automotive sound deadening materials aren’t exactly advertised for insulating heat, most are extremely effective at blocking out any kind of heat coming from the sun itself, the road, and even from the vehicle’s engine.

Paired with the quieter cabin inside the car -- or better-sounding tunes from the audio system -- installing sound deadening materials can make your car much more enjoyable to ride. 

What to Look for When Buying Automotive Sound Deadening Materials

Odor-free material and adhesive

Odor-free sound deadening materials are ideal. This is because even though most best automotive sound deadening materials for your car don’t really smell bad (you could argue that they all smell

the same) when first installed, it’s when they’re exposed to high temperatures that they begin to show their true smell.

For example, polyurethane foam is notorious for stinking so bad that you won’t want to ride inside your car.

In addition to the material of the sound deadening mat itself, you’ll want to consider if the adhesive used is odor-free as wel

best automotive sound deadening material

Material thickness

As already mentioned earlier, thicker materials offer better sound-proofing. In general, you shouldn’t buy a car sound deadening material that’s less than 50 mils. Ideally, you should go with 80 mils. Although if you have the money, going for materials that are over 100 mils thick is the best option.

Easy to Install

It’s not the cost of the actual sound deadening materials themselves that turn off most interested buyers, it’s the cost of having them installed. This is why the best automotive sound deadening materials for your car is the one that you can install yourself.

Some materials are even so easy to install that it comes packed with everything you need to install it inside your vehicle.

Final Thoughts

Before you have sound deadening materials installed in your vehicle, you must remember that it is not an easy nor short process. Even if you have the sound deadener mats installed by a professional, the process should take hours. Removal will arguably take just as long as well, especially if done right.

If you already have your mind set though, then feel free to do it.

As long as you choose the best automotive sound deadening materials for your car and install them properly, your vehicle’s ride comfort should improve significantly, like it just rolled out of the dealership yesterday! 

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