ATOTO A6 Pro Double DIN Headunit

Most cars released in recent years often come with feature-filled integrated car stereo systems. Higher trims, especially, enjoy hands-free calling, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as a touchscreen display, among others. This means that, for those with older cars, it’s easy to feel the absence of such features from your car.  

Thankfully, it is now possible to upgrade your car’s current system with something that’s a little bit less ancient.   

A good example of this is the ATOTO A6  

The ATOTO A6 is a 2DIN Android-based headunit that comes with a pretty versatile feature set. Although it’s not a premium product by any means, it can give you internet access, on-the-road entertainment, multimedia support, and navigation.

This makes it leaps and bounds better than the stock stereo system that’s installed on your aging car. 


OUR REVIEW - What Makes the ATOTO A6 So Good?

Android Marshmallow

The ATOTO A6 uses a customized version of the most stable release of the Android Marshmallow OS. This ensures that despite using a relatively old OS -- Android Marshmallow was released back in 2015 and received its last release in late 2017 -- the ATOTO A6 has exceptional performance. 

Retain Steering Wheel Control

The biggest problem most people have with aftermarket 2DIN headunits is that they won’t be able to retain steering wheel key controls. The good news is that, with the ATOTO A6, your steering wheel key controls will still work. In fact, numerous features might even be improved and become more responsive.  

Dual Bluetooth Capability

The ATOTO A6 comes with dual Bluetooth capabilities. This essentially means that you can connect two phones or Bluetooth devices to the headunit simultaneously. 

Pre-Installed Google Maps

Google Maps has already been pre-installed for user convenience on the ATOTO A6. This allows you to set your destination with ease, or check online just how congested the traffic is around your area. In addition to this, users can also download map data for easier offline navigation.  


Quick Booting Feature

No need to wait. The ATOTO A6 pro will boot up just 2 seconds into starting the car. It also supports multiple storage options. This includes up to a 256GB micro SD, as well as a 1TB SSD.

Extensive Firmware Support

The ATOTO A6 uses the latest ATOTO AICE OS 9.6 firmware version. But that’s not all. It also gets extensive firmware support. This means that it will be updated whenever a new one is available to minimize any number of bugs and add features. 

Multiple Models Available

While the more affordable ATOTO A6 pro is already feature-packed, there are “upgraded” versions of the ATOTO A6 that are even better and come with more features. For example, the ATOTO A6 Pro has an optional extra external microphone included, as well as an upgraded IPS screen for better clarity, especially in broad daylight. It even has gesture controls for even more convenient usage.

What’s to Like? What’s Not to Like?


  • Comes with multiple input port options, including three USB ports, a backup camera input, two separate video inputs, as well as a micro SD slot
  • Dual Bluetooth support
  • Built-in GPS and WiFi
  • Easy-connect app


  • Customizability leaves a lot to be desired


Chinese products seem to have quite a bit of a negative reputation. A lot of people believe that they’re not good or high-quality. But the ATOTO A6 is proof that Chinese-made products can excel. 

Equipped with a Full HD touchscreen display, as well as a wide range of apps and technologies, the ATOTO A6 is a worthy and noticeable upgrade to most car’s head unit and stereo systems. In fact, we dare say that it’s just as good if not better than the same systems found in newer cars.  

So, if you’re looking to replace that old head unit of your car, then you might want to take a look at the ATOTO A6 pro.  

While it’s definitely not as cheap as traditional car stereo systems, the ATOTO A6 is not as expensive as the others either. In fact, it’s significantly cheaper than most of its competition, especially when you consider the number of features that it has and the number of features that it lacks and do not have. 

All things considered, the ATOTO A6 pro is like having an Android tablet installed on your car. The only difference is that it’s a 2DIN unit that’s built specifically to fit in quite well inside most cars. 

But that’s not all. The best part is that the ATOTO A6 comes with a free-return guarantee for quality issues for 45 days, as well as a 12-month repair warranty that covers both parts and labor in case you have issues with the ATOTO A6 during your first year of use. 

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