Alpine SPE – 6090 6×9″ 2-Way Car Speaker Product Review

Alpine Electronics is one of the well-known producers of car consumer electronic products. One of their products that we really liked is their Alpine SPE 6090 6x9" 2-Way Car Speaker. This 2-Way Car Speaker is a Type-E speaker that brings the sound quality expected from an affordable upgrade!  

Type-E speakers are perfect affordable options as replacements of your old car speakers or as a starter-type package for building a new sound system.

Product Feature and Highlights 

  • Peak Power : 300 Watts each; 600 Watts as pair 
  • RMS Power : 75 Watts each; 150 Watts as pair 
  • Frequency response: 65 Hz – 18,000 Hz 
  • Impedance : 4 ohms 
  • Sensitivity : 91 dB / W 
  • Product Dimensions : 8.75 in (L) * 3.9 in (D) * 7.1 in (W) 
  • Cut-out Dimensions : 8.75 in * 5.94 in  
  • Net Weight : 7.69 lbs 
Alpine SPE 6090 6x9 2-Way Car Speaker

Our Review 

First thing, let us identify the value of speakers in any sound system. Anyone living in the modern world knows that audio and music players and amplifiers will be useless without speakers. They are output components that convert the electricity into electromechanical action that produces sound.   

The capacity to perform the electromechanical action and the fluidity of its transition into producing sound determines the quality of a speaker. The more power it can deliver, the more performing it is. The higher range of frequencies it can operate, the more flexible its sound output.  

The Alpine SPE 6090 6x9" 2-Way Car Speaker can be considered as a high-quality product based on the mentioned criteria. At a reasonable price, it can ease the pockets of car enthusiasts who are also audiophiles while having to enjoy any song without diminishing the other aspects of sound.  

These car speakers have a peak power capability of 300 Watts each. With just the standard car audio player, it can already produce high-quality sounds. Here are some highlights for some of its features: 

  • Installation Convenience 

  • ​​Compared to component speakers, full-range speakers are easier to install. The Alpine SPE 6090 6x9" 2-Way Car Speaker is even easier to install than full-range ones. This Type-E Alpine speaker is constructed out of reinforced fiberglass frame on its back and has enough built-in holes for various mounting positions in different types of cars. In much simpler terms, the pair of speakers is sturdy and can fit in a wide range of interior locations inside various vehicles.  

    Compatibility through Neodymium Magnet 

    The car speaker utilizes a smaller Neodymium Magnet compared to the standard speakers available. This means that the car speaker is much more compact and allows more control. This also means that the easier its control, the better its performance. Control refers to the containment of how a speaker translates naturally the electricity into sound. Because of its compactness, it can be compatible with any vehicles, which used to have a 6x9" speaker.  

  •  High Amplitude Multi-Roll (HAMR) Surround 

  • The HAMR Surround is a technology developed by Alpine for making their subwoofers. The Alpine SPE 6090 6x9" 2-Way Car Speakers are equipped with the said technology. This combines the large cone area along with long line excursions in order to produce a deep, perfect bass response. The said combination prevents instability and distortion of the sound output as you turn the volume to higher levels towards the maximum.  

    Soft Dome Tweeter Technology 

    The Type-E speakers are developed from soft dome tweeters rather than the usual cone-type tweeters. The latter type can have a harsh output sound. With the Soft Dome Tweeter Technology, you can obtain that ideal listening experience inside your car while playing your music or any entertainment device or gadget. 


    • Compatibility with an existing vehicle stereo system and any standard car amplifier 
    • The frequency range that covers the entirety of the human hearing spectrum
    • Equipped with a 1-inch ring radiator tweeter that gives high-frequency quality 
    • Compactness that needs no modification of the vehicle for installation


    • Reliance on proper installation for having a good sound quality
    • Might be overpowering with other existing non-upgraded speakers involved 

    Final Thoughts 

    Here are the summarized advantages and disadvantages of the Alpine SPE 6090 6x9" 2-Way Car Speakers:  

    The Alpine SPE 6090 6x9" 2-Way Car Speakers are affordable speakers you can choose while being able to enjoy the great sound quality. They are considered as full-range speakers, which means they are easy to install in any manner you may like to install them conventionally on your car.   

    To even enhance its capability, car amplifiers can be compatible and also subwoofer systems can fit as well. With all these positive features and can be under almost everyone’s budget, I highly doubt that you will get disappointed with this product.  

    Last update on 2020-12-04 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API