Alpine PDX V9 5 Channel Amplifier Review

Most people think that amplifiers are only reserved for audio enthusiasts. They think that unless you’re willing to wake up the entire neighborhood with decked out subs with some power amplifiers, you shouldn’t even consider it. But the truth is, amplifiers have a lot of benefits to your car’s audio system, even if you are a casual user! 

The main purpose of an amplifier is to take weak audio signals and amplify them. This means that, even when used as part of a fairly casual car audio set-up, you’ll experience cleaner sound with minimal distortion. This results in better quality audio, in addition to a louder and fuller sound.  

If we’ve convinced you to consider adding an amplifier to your car’s audio set-up, then you might want to take a look at what the Alpine PDX V9 has to offer. This one has everything you would need to optimize your sound quality.  

What Makes the Alpine PDX V9 So Good?

Class D Model Amplifier 

Without going so much into detail in each of the 4 amplifier classes used in an automotive setting -- Class A, B, AB, and D -- Class D amplifiers are basically the only class of amplifier that’s “switched”. This means that it can switch on and off the current quickly to their transistors.   

Because of this feature, the Class D model amplifiers can power entire audio systems with only one cable. This speeds up the installation process and helps you save money since you don’t have to buy other accessories anymore.  

While A/B class amplifiers are great for full-range speakers, Class D amplifiers are better for subwoofers. This means that, if you want the best bass performance for your car’s audio system, the Alpine PDX V9 is a good idea. 

Alpine PDX V9 5 Channel Amplifier

Easy and Speedy Installation 

For a 5-channel amplifier, the Alpine PDX V9 is relatively easy to install. You won’t need help from experts to keep this up and running. As long as you can read the detailed owner’s and installation manual, you’ll do just fine. 

Small Footprint

Most 5-channel amplifiers are fairly huge. Even though they may be easy to install and add to your car’s audio system, they might not be that good of a fit. However, the Alpine PDX V9 is a special case. It has a small footprint. It’s capable of bringing power to your subwoofers, as well as 4 other speakers, without taking too much space.  

Detailed Instruction Manual 

In addition to an industry-standard one-year warranty, the Alpine PDX V9 comes with a detailed instruction manual. You won’t know just how to install it using the manual. You’ll also learn how to make the most out of the Alpine PDX V9.  

Sleek and Contemporary Design 

Most amplifier manufacturers don’t really pay attention to the design of their amplifiers anymore. The Alpine PDX V9 is different. It has a sleek and contemporary design, clad with a black theme. This means that despite its relatively small profile, you might want to find a way to display the Alpine PDX V9 inside your car after installation. 

Excellent Customer Service 

This doesn’t specifically apply only to the Alpine PDX V9. However, it’s still worth pointing out. Most if not all of those who have had a chance to work with Alpine’s customer service team only have good things to say about them. Many of the things said about Alpine is that they’re more than willing to cover shipping costs and respond to issues presented, especially if products are returned due to factory defects.  


  • Fairly affordable price point 
  • Slim and compact profile 
  • CEA-2006 certified power rating 
  • Stackable design 


  • Works better as an entry-level model than an enthusiast-grade amplifier 
  • Lack of versatility in terms of mounting options 


The Alpine PDX V9 is proof that big things come in small packages. It’s already rated well, but you can even drive it up even further if you want. This means that Alpine was feeling conservative with their power ratings and that you’re free to take it up a notch. But of course, if you’re planning on adding this amplifier to an outdated car audio system, you might want to upgrade the rest as well, especially if you want the best bass performance.   

Thanks to its affordable price point, it’s easy to take a flier on the Alpine PDX V9 without necessarily having to upgrade your car’s audio system. Even when equipped with a stock set-up, you’d be surprised how much better your daily commutes will become because of the better sound quality.   

Of course, the Alpine PDX V9 isn’t perfect. The lack of mounting options is a huge loss. Not to mention, fine-tuning it isn’t exactly the most user-friendly. But for all its shortcomings, the fact remains that the Alpine PDX V9 is a near-perfect amplifier that offers excellent performance at an affordable price point in a neat little package.  

Last update on 2021-02-25 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API