Alpine CDE 172BT Single DIN Radio Review

The Alpine CDE-172BT Bluetooth Receiver is proof that single-DIN radio units aren’t going away anytime soon. True. These older and more traditional radio units are starting to be phased out. More and more drivers are favoring the functionality of touchscreen units.   

However, until the need for single-DIN units with simple functionality exists, products like the Alpine CDE-172BT will remain a solid choice.   

Besides, it’ll be a while before we see single-DIN radio units with flip-out screens make their way to the lower price ranges.  

Alpine CDE-172BT Single Din radio

With that said, let’s go back to talking about what matters.  

In particular, why we think the Alpine CDE-172BT is a good choice for a single-DIN radio unit. Read on more below and find out why Alpine CDE 172BT is still a solid choice for a head unit!  

What Makes the Alpine CDE 172BT So Good? 

Simple and User-Friendly 

The Alpine CDE 172BT does away with all the complicated stuff. In its place is an easy-to-use single-DIN radio where all you have to do is to press play, and that’s it.   

The high-contrast LCD display has customizable RGB illumination and is easy to read, regardless of how bright it is outside. Also, because of the rotary knob, controlling the radio is easy. It even comes with its own front panel auxiliary input. This lets you or your passenger customize the listening experience even more by plugging in a different media player.  

The Alpine CDE 172BT has Bluetooth wireless technology with support for high-res audio .FLAC files and audio streaming.  

Alpine CDE-172BT CD Receiver with Bluetooth & SiriusXM Satellite Tuner
  • 24-Bit Digital/Analog Converter
  • FLAC/MP3/WMA audio file compatibility via USB
  • 3-Band Parametric EQ
  • Includes SiriusXm Satellite Radio Tuner

Excellent Sound Quality 

Alpine delivers with its signature sound quality once again. The 24-BIT DAC and 3-band parametric EQ combine to give you the best in-class sound quality. Meanwhile, it has a high-pass/low-pass crossover. This lets you manage the proper frequencies for optimal speaker performance.   

The CDE-172BT also comes with three 4V pre-outs. This makes it an excellent centerpiece for a modest sound set-up.

Android AOA Support

While iOS support would’ve been nice, Android AOA (Android Open Accessory) 2.0 support is a welcome consolation.   

Via this feature, you can connect a compatible Android smartphone via USB. You can then take advantage of better sound quality and higher quality music compared to the more basic Bluetooth functionality.

It’s also worth noting that the CDE-172BT is compatible with iPhone and iPod via USB connection.  

Hands-Free Calling w/ Microphone 

Worry less about answering calls and more about your safety on the road with the CDE-172BT and its included microphone.  

The microphone, in particular, is of good quality. It’s specifically designed to minimize noise interference and background feedback. This can make the quality of your calls inside your car so much better.   

In addition to this, you can customize and adjust the mic gain, ringtone volume, and phone output. You’ll also be able to set-up your head-unit so that all calls are automatically answered with automatic music muting.

Compatible With Steering Wheel Controls 

For automobiles with Bluetooth steering wheel controls, the CDE-172BT is compatible with factory-installed steering wheel controls using a third-party adapter.   

Outside of what we’ve already mentioned, the CDE-172BT is Sirius-XM ready and is compatible with Pandora Internet Radio via iPhone and Android. It can also read RDBS information depending on the radio station broadcast. Also, you can use the CDE-172BT to charge your phone.


  • Visible screen even in direct sunlight 
  • Hands-free calling 
  • Comes with microphone 
  • Customizable audio and visuals 


  • Installation is not DIY-friendly 

Is the Alpine CDE 172BT Single DIN Radio Worth Buying? 

For those looking for a competitive priced and slick-looking single-DIN radio that will instantly improve in-car audio experience, you can do a whole lot worse than buying the Alpine CDE 172BT.  

The CDE 172BT has a robust set of features. This includes the ability to let users choose where to send their low and high frequencies. Also, the CDE 172BT lets users listen to their favourite music on multiple platforms. This includes playing high-fidelity .FLAC music files straight out of a USB stick.   

The 3-band equalizer is such a good bonus. It’ll let you fine-tune your car’s audio and let you customize whatever sound it is that you are listening to.   

Plus, you can actually control the unit via the steering wheel. However, you’ll have to do some extra tweaking and buy an additional adapter. But, since the CDE 172BT isn’t the easiest single-DIN radio unit to install, you might as well do some extra wiring if you’re having this radio installed and your car has steering wheel controls.

Alpine CDE-172BT CD Receiver with Bluetooth & SiriusXM Satellite Tuner
  • 24-Bit Digital/Analog Converter
  • FLAC/MP3/WMA audio file compatibility via USB
  • 3-Band Parametric EQ
  • Includes SiriusXm Satellite Radio Tuner


The Alpine CDE-172BT isn’t just a good single-DIN head unit. It’s one of the best head units on the market!  

This head unit offers a variety of options for listening to music for you to choose from and is packed with preamp outputs that are quite powerful. It also supports iPhone and Android smartphones, with hands-free calling capabilities and an included microphone in the package to boot.   

All in all, outside of displaying what your front dash camera or rear camera captures, the CDE-172BT will satisfy most if not all of your car’s head unit needs.

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