Alpine Car Speakers Reviews

Alpine is a Japanese electronic component manufacturer established in 1967. They’re pretty popular on today’s market and represent one of the handful of major brands. They specialize in car audio and navigation systems, selling car speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers and A/V head units.

The car speakers are a bit of a mixed bag. They are one product that really does abide by the “you get what you pay for” phrase.

When you buy a pair of high-end car speakers, you’ll be able to enjoy music details such as clear vocals, chunky guitar riffs, powerful drums, and distinct bass lines that have always been a part of your favorite tracks, but have remained hidden behind your sub-par factory speakers.

And a lot goes into that: build materials, designs, performance, and more.

Even slightly less expensive car speakers, like Pioneer A series and Polk Audio dB series invest heavily in the look and feel of their speakers… which is why it’s easy to get disappointed in some of Alpine’s car speakers. Don’t get us wrong.

They make some fantastic car speakers as well, but the design of their speakers definitely leaves something to be desired. Some people love it, and some people hate it. At the very least, it’s different. Now, let’s review some Alpine car speakers.

Reviews of The Best 5 Alpine Car Speakers

1. Alpine SPR-60C 6.5 Component Speakers Review

Alpine SPR-60C Component Speakers ReviewThe Alpine SPR-60C is going to be the most expensive pick of the lot by far. If you have read some of our reviews of component speakers, you will know why. You truly get a well balanced sound with component speakers.

Also known as “separates”, component speakers feature separate woofers, tweeters, and crossovers.

All of these drivers are mounted independently and work in conjunction with one another. In this speaker design each component can operate to its full potential, eliminating the problem of the tweeter impeding woofer performance, resulting in realistic sound with outstanding imaging in the car.

That’s what makes component speakers the choice of serious audio enthusiasts.

Like it loud? Alpine SPR-60C are quality speakers designed for people who like to turn it up. They can handle a great deal of power and can deliver big dynamic sound with distinct bass. We have come across a ton of you who have bought and loved these speakers.

Review of Alpine SPR-60C Component SpeakersThe Type-R SPR-60C component speakers will sound great running off your factory head unit, but they’ll really come into their own when driven by an outboard amp.

These speakers feature 6-3/4″ multi-layer hybrid fiber woofers that deliver really punchy bass response. Alpine has adapted their subs’ ridged surround to these speakers, so they can deliver consistent, extended cone movement that pushes a lot of air.

I mean think about it: Subwoofers make sound (bass) by vibrating air, thus, the more air they vibrate, the stronger the bass. Same concept.

Alpine equipped these speakers with silk tweeters which produce bright highs to complement the punchy bass. Alpine also mounted an EQ ring in front of these tweeters to help disperse the highs for a larger listening “sweet spot” in your ride.

If i had to pick some criticisms for the Alpine SPR-60C, I’d say that their sensitivity rating is a bit weak. While many car speakers we’ve come across are rated above 90 dB easily, the Alpine SPR-60C are rated at only 88 dB.

Having said that, you’ll need an external amplifier to feed these speakers with enough power in order to bring out their full potential.

 Alpine SPR-60C Specifications
  • Size : 6-1/2″
  • Design : Component
  • Sensitivity : 88 dB
  • Power Handling
    • RMS  : 110 watts
    • Peak : 330 watts
  • Frequency response : 65 – 29,000 Hz
  • Top-mount depth : 2-3/8″

2. Alpine SPR-60 6.5 Coaxial Speakers Review

Alpine SPR-60 coaxial speakers reviewThe Alpine SPR-60 is a slightly less expensive, slightly less sophisticated version of the Alpine SPR-60C. It’s a 2-way coaxial set with relatively the same features and performance as the component version.

It’s very well-engineered and produces well-balanced sound. If you don’t listen to bass heavy tracks, then running these speakers off your headunit will suffice. But, the more bass you want, the more power you will need.

If you are into loud sound and heavy bass then buy the comps, but if you are on a budget and looking for some speakers to do a relatively same job with a little less power then the Alpine SPR-60 are something you should consider.

And unless your car is equipped with an already outstanding premium audio system, these speakers should provide a substantial upgrade.

In terms of sound quality, the mids and highs can be slightly harsh. The bass sounds great. The clarity is there, but it takes a good amplifier (as with all speakers) to get the most out of their potential. The only downside I can reasonably think of is that It takes a few hours to break-in these speakers. So, don’t let the initial sound quality disappoint you because the sound does get substantially better over time.

Alpine SPR-60 Specifications
  • Size : 6-1/2″
  • Design : Coaxial
  • Sensitivity : 88 dB
  • Power Handling
    • RMS  : 100 watts
    • Peak : 300 watts
  • Frequency response : 65 – 29,000 Hz
  • Top-mount depth : 2-1/2″

3. Alpine SPS-610C 6.5 Type-S Component Speakers Review

Alpine SPS-610C component speakers reviewIf you are looking for budget-friendly Alpine component car speakers, then the Alpine SPS-610C is something you should consider.

The Alpine SPS-610C speakers feature stiff, yet lightweight mineral-fortified polypropylene cones, which allow for accurate bass and deliver clear mids.

Their resilient rubber surrounds help in keeping the woofer centered for accurate cone movement, keeping distortion to a minimum.

And just like the Type R component speakers, these speakers (S series) come with silk silk dome tweeters which you can pivot and aim towards your driving position for an enhanced stereo imaging.

The bass that these speakers produce is good, but if you are looking for that ground-pounding bass “to piss people off at stoplights”, you should be looking for a subwoofer. The mids/highs are where these speakers truly shine. The highs aren’t exactly Bose or Klipsch,  but they sound great for the price. If you want a brand-name quick drop-in pair of speakers that sounds amazing and is reasonably priced, then look no further than Alpine SPS-610C.

Alpine SPS-610C Specifications
  • Size : 6-1/2″ & 6-3/4″
  • Design : Component
  • Sensitivity : 88 dB
  • Power Handling
    • RMS  :  80 watts
    • Peak : 240 watts
  • Frequency response : 70 – 22,000 Hz
  • Top-mount depth : 2-1/4″

4. Alpine SPS-610 Type-S 6.5 Coaxial Speakers Review

Alpine SPS-610 coaxial speakers reviewThe Alpine SPS-610 made our list for its combination of price and quality; it’s also just really popular (Alpine S series speakers seem to be well-liked). At most retailers, this pair of speakers can be found for under $60.

The Alpine SPS-610 is the brother of SPS-610C. They feature the same specifications including power handling and sensitivity rating. They are also about the same price.

I mean, what’s the difference between $60 and $80 really? That’s more or less the same market. So if you are just wanting a replacement for your factory speakers, no muss no fuss, then the SPS-610 is your best bet.

Otherwise, if you’re looking for the best sound quality, consider the component version.

Alpine SPS-610 Specifications
  • Size : 6-1/2″
  • Design : 2-Way Coaxial
  • Sensitivity : 88 dB
  • Power Handling
    • RMS  :  80 watts
    • Peak : 240 watts
  • Frequency response : 70 – 22,000 Hz
  • Top-mount depth : 2-1/4″

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