Acoustic Audio PSW 8 Inch 300W Powered Subwoofer Review

Subwoofers are an important part of any home theater system. They complete the listening experience, making you, the listener, feel like you’re in the thick of things, bomb explosions and gunfire and all.   

But subwoofers aren’t cheap, there’s also a lot of them on the market.   

Those two facts make finding one on the market quite difficult, and one subwoofer that you might have found while searching is this one from Acoustic Audio.   

The Acoustic Audio PSW 8-inch 300W Powered Subwoofer is a popular choice among subwoofer shoppers, with plenty of good-to-great reviews on Amazon.   

Is it the right subwoofer for you? Read on more below to find out.  

Acoustic Audio PSW 8-Inch 300W Powered Subwoofer Features 

  • Peak power: 300 watts 
  • Frequency response: 26Hz-250Hz 
  • Efficiency: 97dB 
  • Impedance: 8ohm 
  • Built-in digital drive amplifier 
  • Internally braced and damped MDF bass reflex enclosure 
  • Down-firing long throw subwoofer 
  • Easy-to-install and multiple installation options 
  • Variable low pass frequency crossover control

Acoustic Audio PSW 8

Our Review 

The main reason that you want to buy a subwoofer is for a completely immersive listening experience. It doesn’t matter if you’re watching an action movie or a horror film, you just want to feel like you’re actually part of it all.   

That’s where subwoofers come in handy.   

This subwoofer from Acoustic Audio, in particular, comes with a long excursion cone for a deep, and yet accurate response for maximum bass impact. That means that all every jumpscare and gunfire is going to feel more and more like the real thing.   

The 26Hz to 250Hz frequency also helps up the bass factor. The MDF bass-reflex feature then helps provide some much-needed internal bracing so that the subwoofer stays steady and stable even in high volume levels. Plus, the down-firing speaker design helps make sure that the bass spreads in all directions equally.  To top it all off, this 8-inch subwoofer from Acoustic Audio also comes with a built-in amplifier.  

The built-in amplifier is especially noteworthy because you don’t have to drive the PSW subwoofer externally. It also comes with additional features as well. This includes fully adjustable independent gain and level control, a phase control switch, signal sensing automatic on and off function, low level and speaker level inputs and outputs, as well as a variable low pass frequency control.   

Thanks to a combination of the frequency, the MDF bass-reflex feature, long excursion cone, and finally, the built-in amplifier, you can expect clean and clear yet powerful bass sound coming from this subwoofer.   

As an added bonus, you don’t have to worry about the PSW-8 subwoofer standing out in a bad way amongst your furniture.   

Thanks to its elegant black ash wood finish, the PSW-8 makes for an impressive addition to your home. It’s functional and beautiful, is what we’re trying to say here. You can also mount this subwoofer on the wall or ceiling if you want to save some floor space.  

All in all, the PSW-8 is an economical and effective choice for a subwoofer to complete your home theater setup.


  • Deep, clean, and clear sounding bass 
  • Excellent all-around sound quality 
  • Affordable
  • Elegant black ash wood finish


  • It doesn’t come with a protective grill or cover
  • Inaccessible on/off switch


The Acoustic Audio PSW 8-inch 300W Powered Subwoofer isn’t the best. There’s a long list of subwoofers that are better than it. However, that’s before you consider just how much subwoofer you’re getting for the price.   

Once you do that, this 8-inch subwoofer from Acoustic Audio isn’t actually half-bad. 

It comes with a surprisingly deep and clear-sounding bass and has little to no distortion even at higher volumes. Plus, it’s easy to install and with multiple installation options to boot. You can even just display it on the floor!  

Of course, it’s not perfect. The cords and adapters feel flimsy. Also, the down-firing speaker doesn’t really have anything in the way of protection. The lack of a front on/off switch is a bummer too.   

But again, at its price point, compromises are to be expected. Besides, subwoofers are pretty much plug, play, and forget. You plug them in, and that’s that. You’ll very rarely tinker with them once you’ve found the right combination and settings.    

Is the Acoustic Audio PSW 8-Inch 300W Powered Subwoofer perfect? No. But is it an excellent value for its price? Definitely.   

As an added bonus, it comes in 6.5-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch and 15-inch options too!  

If you want to complete your home theater audio set-up without punching a hole through your wallet, you can do a lot worse. 

Last update on 2021-01-26 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API